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10 Super Bowl 52 facts that will impress your viewing party Sunday

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As kickoff approaches Sunday evening in Minneapolis between the Eagles and the defending champion Patriots in football’s biggest game, we decided to provide our F.F.I. readers with some excellent stats and factoids. These will almost assuredly impress your viewing party.

Here goes:

1. Tom Brady will suit up for his eighth Super Bowl Sunday and that is a record. His five individual wins are also a record by a single quarterback, but did you also realize and remember that Brady is 40 years (and 186 days) old? Therefore, he will surpass Peyton Manning, who was 39 years, 220 days old when he started Super Bowl L two years ago, and become the oldest starting QB in the game’s history.

2. This one is a guaranteed stumper. The Patriots have played seven Super Bowls under Brady and coach Bill Belichick and have five victories, but how have they done scoring early in the game? Answer: in those previous seven games, New England has never scored a point in the first quarter of any them. Nada. Zero. Zip. And, they still went on to win the game five times.

So, don’t get alarmed if the Pats are scoreless after the 1st Sunday, they’ve “been there, done that.”

3. Philadelphia is making it’s third appearance in a Super Bowl and are a previous 0-2, including their loss 13 years ago in Super Bowl XXIX to, the Patriots. The Eagles last championship win is a 1960 “NFL Championship Game” (that’s what it was called, then) win over the Green Bay Packers. Yes, the Lombardi led Packers. And, that’s the only time a team beat Lombardi in a Championship Game. Lombardi won three subsequent NFL Championship Games and the first two Super Bowls in the 1960’s.

4. Bill Belichick is coaching the Super Bowl for an eighth time as a head coach, but you may not remember that he was also involved in three previous ones, as a defensive coordinator for Bill Parcells. Two wins with the Giants and a loss with the Patriots means that Belichick has coached 11 previous times in this game. That’s the most experience ever.

5. Did you know that Eagles second year head coach Doug Pederson has a ring, as a Super Bowl winner? He was the backup QB in Green Bay to Brett Favre in their Super Bowl XXXI victory. And that win came against, the Parcells-Belichick Patriots, mentioned above.

6. For all of Brady’s successes, Eagles QB Nick Foles is the first QB in NFL post season history to have a quarterback rating of 100 points or higher in his first three playoff games. These obviously include, the wins this year over the Falcons and the Vikings.

7. Tom Brady already has the record for most post season wins in NFL history and is going for a staggering 28th victory Sunday. Joe Montana is second on the all time list with 16 career post season victories.

8. Eagles RB LeGarrette Blount and DE Chris Long will make Super Bowl history, as the first time a player(s) will play in the game against their former team (the Patriots) the year after they both played in the Super Bowl for that team (2016). Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is the only previous player to play in two straight Super Bowls with different teams, winning with San Francisco and Dallas. The Cowboys obviously couldn’t play the 49ers in a Super Bowl. They played the Steelers and won.

9. The Patriots won the AFC East Division again this year to automatically qualify for the playoffs for an astounding 15th time in 17 seasons under Brady and Belichick. And since Robert Kraft bought the Patriots, New England has been in the playoffs in 19 of his 24 seasons as owner.

10. If Foles wins the game Sunday, it will be the first time that the Patriots season ends in a loss at the hands of QB other than Peyton Manning, since Joe Flacco quarterbacked the Ravens to the AFC Championship Game win in 2013. Manning defeated Brady in the 2014 and 2016 AFC Title Games, and the Pats won the Super Bowl the other three times.

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