NFL will relax celebration rules

Photo by Howie McCormick/Icon Sportswire


Tuesday’s big announcement by the NFL at the Owner’s meeting in Chicago was the moving of Super Bowl LV from Los Angeles to Tampa for February of 2021. But, that wasn’t the only news coming out of the windy city.

The “No-Fun League” is soon to be no more. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also announced more lax celebration rules for the upcoming season, as well.

These new rules would allow players to use the ball as a prop, go to the ground for a celebration and snow angels should be making a comeback, too.

The league’s decision and announcement was laid in this article on

There were more than twenty-five players that were fined for excessive celebration last season. Most of the celebrations that were penalized are expected to all be allowed within the new rules changes, allowing for more expression of the players.

Goodell and the league had consulted more than 80 current and former players over the past year about the proposed changes.

Fans should be looking forward to touchdowns and big plays this fall, as it would get back to the days of Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson creating entertaining celebrations.

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