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The NFL Is Totally Screwing Over Former Miami Hurricane Seantrel Henderson

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Yes I know it happened a few days ago, but I’m still pretty fired up about the NFL’s decision to suspend former Miami Hurricane offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson 10 games for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. His crime? Testing positive for marijuana. Okay before you puritans start burning this young man at the stake, he actually was prescribed medical marijuana because he suffers from Crohn’s disease. For those that don’t know Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowl disease that effects the inside lining of the intestines. There is no cure, but there is treatment. In recent years doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana as a way to treat the pain caused by the disease.

Since most other pain relievers can’t be taken with this condition, sometimes the only option is medical marijuana. But because marijuana from some dumb reason is still a class 1 drug and illegal federally, the NFL follows those rules. That said the list of states that allow medical marijuana is growing as is recreational use. Pretty much it’s going to be legal nationally in a few years. I think it bears repeating, Henderson was prescribed medical marijuana legally. Meaning if I were prescribed the drug, I would have be in the realm of legality to take the drug.

It’s also worth noting that the type of medical marijuana drug that Henderson was given, doesn’t get you stoned out of your mind. It’s not taken to alter the mind, but to relieve pain. The THC levels are low.

I find it quite odd that the NFL has no problem handing out opioids like M&Ms ,which are highly addictive and cause all sorts of medical problems as a result, but are so archaic when it comes to medical marijuana. They aren’t even trying to fund research on the substance and it’s potential positive effects on CTE patients.

Basically when the NFL says that they care about the athletes health and wellness we know it’s a damn lie. We knew they were blocking for years the effects of head injuries. And with this case, clearly Henderson’s health and wellness isn’t even being considered. Hiding behind a collective bargaining agreement is cowardly. But this is Roger Goodell we are talking about and, well, it’s kind of obvious the interests they are protecting.

Oh and it would be cool if they didn’t get their drug policy after watching Reefer Madness too.

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