NFL personnel guys love Florida connections for Rookie of Year

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Look, we get it. There’s no way to know who might be the top rookie in the NFL for 2017 with only the draft to go on. But, when we saw an item surveying five anonymous NFL personnel executives for their thoughts that all had a Florida player or team connection, it caught our eye.

Here’s the article from NFL Media’s Daniel Jeremiah Sunday:

We can only presume that none of these executives were talking about guys on their own teams. Further, we agree that Dalvin Cook having a the chip on the shoulder the size of Tallahassee after being passed on repeatedly into the second round makes him the safe choice in Minnesota. And as the article states, the Vikings have a line and defense and Cook will be an explosive weapon.

Next, Leonard Fournette will be the focal point for the build up of the Jags pre-season, too. That’s especially, because Jacksonville will try improve Blake Bortles by asking him to do less. He will also be a 20+ carry per game guy in their plan. Lots of touches=lots of opportunity for big plays and stats.

Finally, it’s also intriguing that one of the executives mentioned the Buccaneers O.J. Howard as the the non-Cook or Fournette vote. While Howard will be a part an offense that has great promise and weapons, he will not be the focal point. Heck, with Cameron Brate having caught repeated TD balls in the Red Zone so effectively from Jameis Winston the last two years, he won’t even be the top tight end target a lot of the time.

Still, fascinating choice especially when names like DeShaun Watson, Christian McCaffery, and John Ross were all taken in front of him.

Again, it’s the first week in May. No one has set foot on an NFL Field for even a pre-season game, but these kind of debates are fun.

But, five guys who work for NFL teams split their votes to pick Cook, Fournette and Howard and that’s worth noting.

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