NFL Network analyst finds “Value” in several state players

Photo by Icon Sportswire


We have reached “Draft Day 2017” and the opinions are flying everywhere. What’s the truth? Who’s version of the truth? We are about to find out in Philadelphia starting at 8 p.m. Eastern.

We did see this item from NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah on who he believes is under or over “valued”:

While we have documented all week that Florida’s Caleb Brantley is likely in a free fall maybe all the way out of the Draft, Jeremiah is knocking his game tape more than that.

We do find it more interesting that all three of Jeremiah’s “under valued” players are from state schools, and he believes they are not being given enough attention.

This includes, FAU linebacker/defensive lineman Trey Hendrickson (above), who we wrote about previously this off season as an unheralded potential gem later on day two or three of the draft.

There will be much said, shown and written about the first round picks on Thursday night, but guys like the “under valued” names for Jeremiah are the foundation of a team. And, we are intrigued at where Jarrad Davis, Shaquem Griffin and Hendrickson are ending up.

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