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Will Josh Allen’s racially insensitive tweets cause Dolphins and others to pass?

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And, we officially have a controversy regarding one of the top quarterbacks projected to be picked early in the 2018 NFL Draft beginning tonight. The question is: how controversial? And, will it cost Wyoming’s Josh Allen tremendously or not at all?

First, here’s the report from Yahoo Sports late Wednesday night detailing tweets from Allen years ago, where he is using racial slang phrases and partially quoting rap lyrics, etc. These tweets actually date back to his high school and even middle school days early in this decade.

It’s also important to point out that Yahoo is reaching so hard for controversy that in their item, they detail a 14 year old Allen tweeting “I Hate Lebron! … #LeBronSucks ” in a tweet during the NBA Finals. It’s hard to take that as something other than a basketball take from a junior high schooler, which he was at the time.

Yahoo obviously did detailed social media searches on all the top prospects looking to find anything sensational or controversial. The tweets have now been deleted from Allen’s account but the “screengrabs,”etc. are still there and up to everyone’s interpretation.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reached to what he described as “a top five team” selecting tonight, as to what they thought about this Allen news/twitter controversy and they hadn’t heard anything about the story.

In the ESPN item, Schefter says that Allen acknowledged that he sent the tweets and also apologized when reached by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, but there are no quotes attributed to him or no audio/video of him doing so.

Meanwhile, the more pressing and important situation is what, if anything, does this do to his draft status? Most analysts and mock drafts of repute have Allen being selected early and, maybe even #1 overall by the Browns.

Allen has worked out and met with numerous teams in the top 10 of the draft like the Giants, the Jets, the Broncos, etc. And, he is also possibly on the radar for the Dolphins, who are still scheduled to pick 11th tonight.

Late Thursday morning, NFL Network insider, Ian Rapoport tweeted this update on the controversy from what he’s heard:

Look for Allen to release a statement or give ESPN or the NFL Network and interview later today or tonight to apologize for the controversy that his youthful insensitive tweets caused.

Will he start to plummet in the draft, anyway?

We’re about to find out.

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