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NFL.com predicts rough start, fan revolt for Jaguars

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It’s safe to say that those who devote even a spec of their time to predicting how the season ahead will play out for the NFL’s 32 teams have learned their lesson about the Jaguars.

This time a year ago, the Jags were one of the chic picks to pull themselves out of the rut they’ve been wallowing in for so many years and finally re-join the realm of playoff contenders.

Few are predicting the Jags will make such a jump this year. Despite being one of the bigger winners in the offseason, few believe the Jags will overtake the Texans or hold off the Titans in the AFC South.

Their struggles, in fact, will once again begin right out of the gate. That at least is the opinion NFL.com writer Jeremy Bergman, who has taken the task of predicting the season ahead to a whole new level.

Bergman has penned a rather fun item in which he predicts 50 future headlines that will be written throughout the course of the season and one of them predicts a troublesome start for the Jaguars. Take a look:

Jaguars fans clamor for Tom Coughlin takeover after 0-3 start

 “T.C.’s inevitable coup in Duval is near after the Jags drop two divisional games in the first two weeks, along with a home test to Baltimore. Jacksonvillians, led by one particular resident with a beach house a couple minutes from the beach, flood sports-talk radio with calls in favor of Coughlin returning to his rightful place on the sidelines.”

   This is the last thing faithful Jags fans want to hear, but the prediction may not be far-fetched. After all, the Jaguars do open the season with road games against the Texans and Titans.

There’s a big chance there then for the Jags to take command of the seemingly-improved AFC South early on, but if they lose both of those games the feeling in Jacksonville will be that the season is already lost.

That won’t necessarily be the case, but if the Jags fall to 0-3, which is quite possible when you consider that developing a winning chemistry is one of their greatest challenges, many will start to wonder why the Jags didn’t just hire Coughlin as coach in the first place.

There’s no doubt Coughlin wants to coach again. He made that clear almost immediately after he was fired by the Giants, and no one can argue that in the short term he’d be a better choice for the job than Doug Marrone.

Marrone might be the better long-term option, but Jaguars fans are already fed up. Their patience is already running razor thin, and that only goes for those who have any left at all.

This is a team that needs a fast start, and as predicgted, the desperate need to do that will only increase if they start out 0-3 with road games against the Jets and Steelers just ahead in Weeks 4 and 5.



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