Miami Hurricanes list Miami As top school in producing draft picks since 2000

(Icon Sportswire) has recently come up with a deep analysis of the best draft picks since 2000 based upon the school. University of Miami really as no surprise lands on top of that list.  The formula is a rather complex one as the site is known for it’s deep analysis on specific topics. Below is their criteria:

The Formula: MVP (7 points), Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year (6 points), first-team All-Pro selection (5 points), Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year (4 points), Pro Bowl selection within first two years of career (3 points), other Pro Bowl selections (1 point). In some cases, bonus points were granted for career longevity or outstanding play.

Draft multiplier: Total points for first-round picks x 1.1; second-round picks x 1.2; third-round picks x 1.3; fourth-round picks x 1.4; fifth-round picks x 1.5; sixth-round picks x 1.6; seventh-round picks x 1.7.

Tiebreaker: Ranking edge to lower-drafted player within same round.

Specialists and fullbacks: For players honored primarily as specialists or fullbacks, their total points were devalued. Kickers and punters were not included in this exercise.

According to this analysis the top 5 players drafted since 2000 from Miami are:

  1. S Ed Reed – 47.3 Points
  2. WR Devin Hester – 21.5 Points
  3. WR Andre Johnson – 20.9 Points
  4. TE Jimmy Graham 14.3 Points
  5. TE Jeremy Shockey 14.3 Points 

The reason why Miami ran away with this analysis is that they had by far the most players in the honorable mention category. Here’s the list of those players:

WR Reggie Wayne(13.2 points), DL Vince Wilfork (12.1), LB Jon Beason (11.0), RB Clinton Portis(9.6), RB Frank Gore (9.1), TE Bubba Franks (5.5), TE Greg Olsen (3.3), LB Jonathan Vilma (3.3), CB Antrel Rolle(3.3), OL Chris Myers (3.2), DL Calais Campbell (2.4), S Brandon Meriweather(2.2), RB Willis McGahee (2.2), S Sean Taylor (2.2), WR Santana Moss (1.1), LB Dan Morgan (1.1), OL Bryant McKinnie(1.1), TE Kellen Winslow (1.1).

As you can see Sean Taylor is on the list, who knows where his ranking would have been if he didn’t die way to young. It comes as no surprise that Ed Reed is the #1 player according to this analysis for Miami. He’s going to be a unanimous first ballot hall of famer as perhaps the best if not one of the best safeties to ever play in the NFL.

The other top teams to make the list are #2. Michigan, #3 USC #4 Wisconsin, #5 Oklahoma #6 Tennessee #7 Alabama.

Probably the biggest surprise is that Alabama is down at #7 on the list and not higher. I’m sure Tide fans are going to have a big problem with’s formula. Someone probably already called Paul Finebaum about it.

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