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Was Spring AAF league on verge of folding?

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A wild story has emerged on Tuesday Morning involving the Spring Alliance of American Football league, and the possibility that the league was going to cease to operate after just two weekends. That is, until the new owner of the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL, apparently purchased the AAF in a huge financial power play.

David Glenn, a writer for The Athletic in the Raleigh-Durham area was the first to report the details of  Tom Dundon’s eleventh-hour saving of the league with $250 million.

The AAF later announced Tuesday morning that 47 year old Dundon, who became owner of the Hurricanes in January of 2018, infused into the startup off-season professional football league and is now the Chairman of it’s Board of Directors.

And for now, there seem to be more questions than answers, as to whether Dundon was purchasing the league because of what he termed in their joint statement as, “stunning growth in stadium and across TV, mobile and social media in just the first few weeks,” or because the league was on the verge of folding?

It’s also unclear whether Charlie Ebersol, son of long time successful NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol, who founded the the AAF, is still going to be involved in some major role or not?

All of this is despite the AAF having been in the works for over a year prior to launch, the league having sponsors and network TV deals, as well as, stadium deals for 8 different franchises, and yet, it was apparently on the verge of going out of business two weeks into operation of its first season.

Longtime Business Insider Darren Rovell, who is now with the Action Sports Network, tweeted this Tuesday morning:

Also, ProFootballTalk reported that an agent for numerous AAF players contacted them on Friday, when his players had not been paid on Friday (on February 15th). The agent saying that there was serious concern that the league was going to be out of business after this weekend. The AAF had told that agent and others that it was an administrative glitch that would be corrected.

As we wrote coming off the strong Saturday night debut of the AAF on CBS TV nine days ago, the league received over 3 million viewers for its initial two games that were broadcast simultaneously all over the country.

This included the Orlando team being led by legendary Gators coach Steve Spurrier, which has now won its first two games, including their victory at San Antonio Sunday evening.

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