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Super Bowl LIV in Miami by the numbers

Florida Football Insiders



The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers get set to square off Sunday night at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium in Super Bowl LIV. And, we decided to give you a closer look at some of the interesting and important numbers surrounding this game.

Here goes:

7- That’s the number of times the 49ers have made the Super Bowl with the last one coming in 2012 when they lost to the Ravens in New Orleans. San Francisco has won the previous five times they’ve reached the title game, including twice in Miami.

6- How many touchdown passes Steve Young threw in the 49ers last Miami Super Bowl win in 1995 over the Chargers. That still stands, as the big game’s record by a quarterback.

50- the number of years in between appearances in the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs, who last played in Super Bowl in January 1970, in New Orleans and defeated the Minnesota Vikings. If you’re wondering, the longest drought between Super Bowl appearances still belongs to the New York Jets who played and famously upset the Colts the year before in January 1969. And, they and their fans have now been waiting 51 years to get back to the big game.

2-  The number of Shanahan’s that have been a head coach in a Super Bowl game. That means, when Kyle Shanahan, the son of the former Super bowl-winning Broncos coach, puts his headset on Sunday,  he and his father will make history as the only father-son Duo to be head coaches in pro football’s biggest game.

Kyle Shanahan was also previously the offensive coordinator for the Falcons, when they famously blew their 28 – 3 third quarter lead and lost the Super Bowl 4 years ago to the New England Patriots. Also, the elder Shanahan won the Superbowl in January 1999 with the Broncos and in John Elway’s final game, as they blew out the Atlanta Falcons at Hard Rock stadium.

11- That’s how many times the Super Bowl has been held in Miami at either the Orange Bowl, or the current home of the Dolphins. If you are wondering, that is the most in the history of the game with New Orleans a close second with 10 hostings.

8 to 0-  That’s the touchdown-to-interception ratio for outstanding Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes this postseason. Obviously Kansas City played both of their previous playoff games at home, and now, will be on a neutral field against an outstanding defense. Still, Mahomes having not turned the ball over is a big reason why the Chiefs have been scouring the way that they have.

5- The number of underdogs ,who have covered the Vegas spread if not won the game, in the previous eight Super Bowls. Although, the Patriots won and covered last year’s game in Atlanta against the Rams, the doggie has fared well.

And with San Francisco looking like they’re going to be at least a 1-point underdog, it’s important to point out they are 5 – 0 in that role this season. Kansas City is 10-4-1 as a favorite this season

43-  That is the average number of points the Chiefs had in their two playoff wins over the Texans and the Titans. That includes Kansas City’s astounding playoff record 51-point outburst against Houston after not having scored in the first quarter of the game.

The 49ers gave up a two game average of 15 points in their playoff wins over the Vikings and the Packers.

12- The number of sacks that Niners Defensive Rookie of the Year pass rusher, Nick Bosa, has in the regular and postseason combined. The former number one pick out of Ohio State had three sacks in the two playoff wins over the Vikings and the Packers in San Francisco. He will obviously be a big pass-rushing factor in this game.

2- The number of Super Bowl rings that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo already owns, as a Patriots backup to Tom Brady. He now goes for a third ring as a starting quarterback with San Fran Sunday night.

$13,800  – That’s the outrageous price of the cheapest ticket being offered on StubHub secondary market Friday mid-day for Super Bowl LIV. Being driven by K.C. fans thirst to come to this game for the first time in 6 decades, it’s is by far the most staggering price to get into a Super Bowl, potentially ever.

220- The amount of rushing yards that little known San Fran RB Raheem Mostert registered in the NFC Championship game win over the Packers. Mostert had rushed for a total of 291 yards in his previous two seasons, while being released five times off NFL rosters, before sticking with the 49ers earlier this year.


0- The number of times that both teams in the Super Bowls primary color has been red.

Yes, in 53 previous playings of the game, no two teams have ever had predominantly red jerseys. Kansas City will be in the red and the 49ers will be in white jerseys come kickoff Sunday.