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Prosecution appealed video ruling in Kraft case Friday

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The Palm Beach State Attorney has made the latest move trying to reinstate the police video in Robert Kraft’s January solicitation of prostitution case.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg filed a motion late Friday afternoon that his office intends to appeal judge Robert Hanser’s Monday ruling to suppress the video to the 15th Judicial Circuit, which covers Palm Beach County:

At issue is Hanser deciding that Palm Beach County Sheriff’s and Jupiter Police did not have the proper legal authority to get a “sneak-and-peek” video warrant last January for the “Orchids of Asia Day Spa.”  Hanser agreed with Kraft’s defense that the authorities misrepresented that the video was needed for a case involving human trafficking.

They further argued, that it was an invasion of privacy of everyone that went into the day spa, including for legitimate reasons, during the four-day time that the cameras were used.

Kraft was allegedly seen having sex acts performed on him in a private room on January 19th and 20th. There were 24 others arrested in the crackdown over the four days.

Most legal observers believe without the video, that Aronberg and his office will have no choice but to drop the charges against the 77 year-old billionaire owner of the Patriots.

There was supposed to be a court hearing on Friday for a status of the case, but Hanser was ill and it was rescheduled for Monday.

Another issue to still be ruled on by Hanzer is, whether the release of the video will be granted after a challenge by lawyers of local and national media outlets. Those lawyers argued last month that the video should be released regardless of whether there is a trial, much less a conviction, citing previous legal precedence, including a Florida State Supreme Court decision on it.

Kraft’s defense team has vigorously fought the media filing. And how ever Hanser rules on releasing the video to the public or not, the losing side will likely immediately appeal.

We continue to write that regardless of the legal maneuvering by Kraft’s team and whether or not the charges are dismissed, there is already precedence from the NFL of disciplining players without criminal trial, much less conviction.

And, it’s likely that Kraft will face a large fine and most probably, a suspension of some kind this fall due to the charges and the fact that Kraft already publicly apologized for the embarrassment he’s caused himself, the Patriots and the league.

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