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Gators once again practicing “if you’re affected by rule-change the rule”

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It was this same time last year (May of 2017) that the Gators were trying to wiggle out of a standing SEC rule regarding the number of graduate transfers that you could have in a certain period of time. As we wrote then, it was coach Jim McElwain and the Gators athletic department wanting the conference to allow another such transfer, QB Malik Zaire from Notre Dame to be available to them immediately.

And we thought the conference shouldn’t do it, but in the end, at the SEC Spring meeting, the Gators got their wish and the rule changed. It allowed Zaire’s immediately availability last season.

Well, history has repeated.

Now, the Gators and Texas A&M are sponsoring a new rule about players transferring from programs that have received a postseason ban to another SEC school should be able to play that next season.

Dan Wolken of USA Today has more:

And Wolken points out the main motive in Gainesville:

If enacted, the new rule will result in the immediate eligibility of Florida receiver Van Jefferson (above), who transferred from Ole Miss. This proposal accounts for why Florida coach Dan Mullen told reporters recently that the school has yet to apply for Jefferson’s immediate eligibility waiver, as other non-SEC schools that took Ole Miss transfers have done. Because Jefferson transferred within the league, the SEC commissioner would need to grant a waiver under the current setup.

And Jefferson is a playmaker on a Gators 2018 squad that is desperate in need of those.

So, the Gators are optimistic that there will once again, be enough momentum from the members to enact the rule. And, it should be pointed out, that the SEC has to still abide by the NCAA certifying the player first and the school having to apply for a waiver under the NCAA guidelines for transfer.

Bottom line? Rules should be rules, but in the SEC, they seem made to be changed, when schools need players to help them immediately win.

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