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Don’t look now, but someone is hitting the baseball in Double A

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Life is never dull around Tim Tebow, and if you haven’t been paying attention (we obviously have) the iconic former Gators star QB is making legitimate progress the last two months towards potentially playing in Major League Baseball with the New York Mets.

We wrote last summer about his progress through the Mets farm system and the lowest level, Single A baseball, and that this was no longer just a P.R. stunt for the team and Tebow, himself.

Well, after a slow start in Mets Spring training that included an ankle injury (more on that in a second), Tebow is starting improve at the plate.

And as New York’s Newsday newspaper profiled for Friday, that improvement is leading to more credibility that the Mets would have to bring him up at some point:

Frankly, hitting is his only real hope to make it to the big club and try to play. He’s too muscular and his throwing is too cumbersome to be much more than a first baseman or right fielder, who’s not going to see a lot of plays that require lots of running and throwing. The Double A “Rumble Ponies” have used him as an outfielder primarily, and maybe his position play could slightly improve.

However, Tebow is actually probably best suited for an American League situation, which the Mets are not, and become a designated hitter or DH, for a team. Then, he doesn’t and the team doesn’t, have to worry about his fielding-only what he can do to help at the dish.

It’s interesting that he told Newsday that his Spring Training mishap with tripping over a sprinkler was actually an ankle fracture, not a sprain. However, it appears at this juncture he has recovered, and wants to continue his goal.

And, important point, he’s living a “rock star” life everywhere else, besides this minor league baseball experiment. He’s a Heisman Trophy and National Championship winning college football hero in Gainesville. And, he’s kept his job traveling around every weekend with the SEC Network, while reportedly making seven figures to do it,  covering games and commentating on the conference.

He’s been a former NFL QB, who despite the haters trying to knock him down, actually won some games and even a playoff game with Broncos, while making millions of dollars to do that.

It’s undisputed that his repeated charity work off the field, especially with sick children at Shands Hospital in Gainesville and other places, plus his great work that he’s continued with his foundation for a decade, are  inspirational and should be credited.

So, Tebow doesn’t have to be riding a minor league bus for 8-10 hours, as Newsday describes. Unless wanting to make it the Mets or some other major league club for a shot, really matters to him. Which, to Tebow, it apparently still does.

Can he continue to hit at Double A? Quite possible.

Will Triple A be too much for him or would the Mets bypass that/call him up directly from Binghampton in September when rosters expand?

Will he ever be able to hit big time professional pitching, even briefly, from Triple A or MLB pitchers?

We don’t have any of those answers.

All we know is he’s making progress towards it. And the haters who wrote him and the Mets experiment off for a lot of reasons, are looking more and more foolish, as he progresses.

(That isn’t going to stop the hate, by the way).

And there are tons of people, not all bleeding Gators orange and blue, rooting for him to make it to the big club and try.

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