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New information regarding Dolphins Timmons’ disappearance

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Little by little, information pertaining to linebacker Lawrence Timmons mysterious disappearance from the Miami Dolphins this past weekend is filtering in.

We now have a clearer picture as to may have prompted the veteran to go AWOL on Saturday, as TMZ broke this story at lunchtime Monday saying Timmons was actually at LAX Sunday morning trying to board a flight to Pennsylvania:

Further, the ultra-poplar gossip site says that it’s some kind of dispute or homesickness involving a baby in Pennsylvania. Timmons obviously played his entire career in Pittsburgh up until now.

On Monday afternoon, Coach Adam Gase not only didn’t clear anything up with regard to Timmons, he did the opposite and added to the bizarre’ situation.

Speaking at his day after game presser after the win over the Chargers, Gase was asked about the Timmons situation. The second year head coach said he hadn’t spoken to Timmons and had no idea, if he was in the Dolphins facility or not.

When further pressed later in the Q & A, Gase said he didn’t know, if he would meet with Timmons or if Timmons, would still be part of the team.

Here’s the press conference in its entirety:

Like we wrote. Nothing is cleared up, at this point.

If, and we stress IF, Timmons is dealing with a psychological situation like the TMZ report implies and the Dolphins are aware of it and trying to get him help, then under Federal H.I.P.P.A. laws, they have to be careful to even comment.

That could, we stress COULD, be what’s going on with the stonewalling of answers and until the Dolphins and/or Timmons himself start answering questions, we are left to speculate.

Earlier on Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN had info on Timmons and was indeed dealing with a “personal issue.’’

That at least is the word according to an unnamed source, who also told Schefter that Timmons is scheduled to meet with a doctor today to determine the issue.

In another tweet in which we can only assume he is quoting the same source, Schefter noted that Timmons “is doing much better today and wants to resume playing immediately.’’

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that Timmons had wanted to meet with coach Adam Gase today after the team returned overnight from Los Angeles.

Timmons was held out of the Dolphins game on Sunday after he disappeared at some point on Saturday, apparently prompting a search by the Dolphins as to his whereabouts. As TMZ reported, they contacted local law enforcement, who helped locate Timmons at LAX.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase refused to comment on the matter after the Dolphins beat the Chargers 19-17 without Timmons on Sunday.

It’s not clear if Timmons came back to Miami on the team charter or on his own.

Timmons came to the Dolphins after a long run with the Steelers and after signing a two-year, $12 million contract but right now his future with the team seems to be in limbo.

It’s quite possible the Dolphins will let this pass once they learn all the details behind the matter but they may also ask Timmons to get his life back in order before returning to football.

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