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Miami vs. Notre Dame: Hardly Catholics vs. Convicts


After about six days of being a mix between the main character in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes From Underground and Nicholas Cage’s character in Leaving Las Vegas I can finally show my face again. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not too far off from being accurate. I’ve at least decided to shave, shower and put on some proper clothing on. It’s progress, I’m no longer in my pjs. Seeing the Miami Hurricanes get spanked in Blacksburg last Thursday was tough to swallow. The third consecutive loss, pretty much makes this season meaningless. There will be no ACC Coastal division title yet again. And I have made several attempts to get a quick appointment with my therapist, but he’s booked up already (probably with other the local New York Jets fans).

This week Miami will take on another former perennial national power house Notre Dame in South Bend. The Fighting Irish are a miserable 2-5 this season, losers of two in a row to NC State and Stanford respectively. This is by no stretch the Catholics vs. Convicts.

For those of the more casual persuasion, the Catholics vs. Convicts game was Notre Dame vs. Miami on October 15, 1988. Both teams came in undefeated Miami (AKA Convicts) ranked #1,  Notre Dame (AKA Catholics) ranked #4. Notre Dame would end up winning that game controversially 31-30, as Hurricane fans to this day claim that Cleveland Gary was down at the Irish one yard line and did not fumble late in the game. For their part, Notre Dame would go on to finish undefeated and win the national title in the Fiesta Bowl over West Virginia that year. That loss remained Miami’s only loss and the Canes would close out the year #2 in the rankings. ESPN will unveil a “30 for 30” documentary on this game that will debut in December

Clearly this season isn’t even close to what took place 28 years. These two teams will be lucky to make some obscure bowl game, such as the Norelco Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Festivus Bowl played in Branson, Missouri on December 23rd. This stinks for both fan bases. It’s very hard to get excited when the season for both teams is at such a miserable low point. What is there to play for?

Either way, you know I will be watching. Hopefully around some obnoxious Notre Dame fans. I love to see them lose. I’m still bitter over them thinking they are holier than we are. Calling Miami convicts, come on…well not too far off, but still. So rude!

Anyways if Miami can figure out a way for their offensive line not to be spun around like driedels, by opposing pass rushers, they should win this game. We can only hope, or I would say pray, but I think our opponents this week, probably have that side on lock. We shall see.

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