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Miami Hurricanes dominate All-Time NFL Draft

Ari Russell



(USA Today- Brian Spurlock)

There are so many angles to take with regards to the NFL draft. recently released the best picks of all time in the first round per pick. No surprise, the Miami Hurricanes own this all time draft.


The surprise is how many Miami players the folks at belong in the NFL all time draft. Well I guess that isn’t a huge surprise.

That said before Miami fans get too excited. Florida State was called ahead of Miami, twice. Deion Sanders was the #5 all time pick, where Walter Jones is the #6 all time pick when he was drafted by Seattle.

It’s not until the 11th pick where a Miami player is called and that’s obviously going to be the playmaker himself, Michael Irvin when the Cowboys selected him in 1988.

Warren Sapp comes right in behind him, when the Tampa Bay Bucs took him in 1995 with the 12th overall pick.

Then in 19834, the Buffalo Bills to Jim Kelly with the 14th overall pick and the rest is history.

In 2002 the Baltimore Ravens took Ed Reed with the 24th pick and Reed is going to be enshrined in Canton, no question on the first ballot. Amazing he slipped to 24!

In 1996 the Ravens took LB Ray Lewis with the 26th overall pick and Lewis who’s considered one of the best LBs in the history of the game had such a storied career. Like Reed it’s amazing he went down to 26th.

How about the Colts in 2001 taking Reggie Wayne with the 30th pick. Wayne perhaps one of the most steady WRs in the modern era.

Then in 2007 the Bears took TE Greg Olsen with the 31st overall pick. Olsen has been one of the top TEs in the league since he was a rookie and continues to produce.

By the way if you’re wondering the all time 32nd overall pick was Drew Brees to close out the first round. It’s crazy to think Brees fell that far considering is going to go down as one of the most productive QBs in the history of the game.

Back to Miami, it comes as no surprise the players on this list What’s surprising is how some of them fell so far down in the draft, especially, Reed and Lewis. Of course hindsight is 20/20.

One thing that this exercise does prove is that if you are going to draft a Miami player in the first round, he likely is going to make you look really smart.

Born in the Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C., Ari Russell watched the rise of the 1980’s Miami Hurricanes and knew that he had to be part of the “U” someday. After graduating from Coral Gables, Ari rose through the ranks of the former XM Satellite Radio and then Sirius/XM as college football executive producer. He later spent 2 seasons as the publisher of the website “Beyond U Sports” focusing on major college football/basketball. Ari brings a great perspective on everything Miami, including the Dolphins to F.F.I.

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