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Mercury Morris speaks out about ’72 Dolphins with brain issues

Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire


The story in South Florida about members of the famed “Perfect” 1972 Miami Dolphins dealing with post playing career debilitating head trauma and brain issues continues to gain traction.

We wrote last Monday night about former LB great Nick Buoniconti speaking out to Sports Illlustrated and the Miami Herald about his brain related situation.  The Herald did more fact finding and research and now contends that at least eight of the living members of that team from 45 years ago are dealing with some type of brain/cognitive function loss.

One of the ones who has never shied away from being outspoken, is former running back Euguene “Mercury” Morris. Here were his comments to the Herald this weekend:

Morris, who ran for nearly 4,000 yards in his seven season in Miami not only provided updates on some of his teammates, but in particular is still blasting the NFL Players Association. This is for in his mind failing to take care of players who retired before 1993 (the first year free agency kicked in with a new CBA with the league) with a decent pension plan.

He also takes aim at the NFL, “It boils back down to, the league’s not going to do anything. Because they don’t give a damn about us. They don’t care about anybody who can’t do something for them…’re starting to see the effects of what happens when the league turns its back on a generation on players.”

Obviously strong stuff, but when you are seeing your fellow teammates like former running back, Jim Kiick, live in almost poverty conditions with obvious brain injury and impairment, it’s understandable Morris would get worked up.

The bottom line is the NFL must in an ongoing way continue to help it’s former players every way it can. There’s no dispute that they have the money and there’s more and more evidence of real need for assistance for many.

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