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McCoy brings some flair to Bucs training camp arrivals

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TAMPA – As you might expect, watching a bunch of football players report to their team facility for the start of training camp has be pretty boring stuff. It is with the Bucs anyway.

Because the Bucs hold camp where they work every day during the regular season, at One Buc Place, no one has to bring along a host of personal items that makes the move-in interesting.

What you get then is a bunch of guys who, after parking their cars or being dropped off by someone, simply walk into the facility pretty much the same way they do every day.

With one exception.

Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy still treats reporting day like it’s something special and because he usually has to report early in the morning, he often does so looking like he just got out of bed.

That was the case a year ago when McCoy arrived wearing a pair slippers and a red bathrobe, and he pretty much did the same this year, though he’s clearly stepped up his game a bit.

By following this hyperlink you can check out the arrival of several players, including McCoy and linebacker Kwon Alexander, who arrived sporting a new hairdo that should get the attention of the Hard Knocks crew.

There is no sound with the video, in part because few players ever have much to say anyway when they’re arriving for the start of camp, but in at least one case – that of McCoy – the images say plenty.

Of course, this is just the kind of stuff that often seems to irk the McCoy bashers, but this is Gerald being Gerald and we love the fact that he can bring a little color and excitement to a boring event.

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