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Mark Richt keeping who’s winning the battle for Hurricanes QB close to his vest

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The race for who will win the starting QB job for the Miami Hurricanes is in full swing as anticipated. We are still relatively early in training camp and at this point there doesn’t seem to be a front runner. If there is, head coach Mark Richt is doing a great job about which of the four QBs currently in competition for the job is ahead of everyone else.

The race right now is between red shirt junior Malik Rosier, red shirt sophomore Evan Shirreffs, and freshmen N’Kosi Perry and Cade Weldon. All according to the coaching staff have shown levels of competence, which has made it hard to figure out which one is currently in the lead.

Mark Richt via the Sun Sentinel had this to say about the QB race:

“What I’m happy with is I think I’ve got guys that either know what they’re doing or catching on fast. I see plenty of arm strength. I see plenty of leadership, moxie, whatever you want a quarterback to have. Mistakes, obviously, being made, but very few mistakes … I’ve been very pleased with their determination not to be reckless with the football,” Richt said after last Saturday’s practice. “But I know all four of the guys we’re giving reps to could run this system and run this team. That’s the good news. I just have to figure out who. I just have to figure out who.”

The first scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday, and at this point Richt has yet to determine which one will get the start. The main question right now with the scrimmage looming is whether it will be full contact for the QBs. One of the concerns is obviously injuries. Miami went full contact in the Spring, which ended up in Jack Allison getting hurt and then leaving the program.  A move which actually whittled down the Fall competition, knocking out one guy who was vying for the role.

Still having four QBs compete for one job is a blessing and a curse for Richt and company. On one hand, he seems pleased with the progress of all four. On the other hand he has to make a decision at some point as to who will take the snaps against Bethune-Cookman on September 2nd. The fact that the team is happy with the progress and that all four are doing a good job of protecting the football is a great sign. When you have a potential top 10 defense, having at all four QBs limit turnovers will certainly make a difference. Now it’s time for one of them to step up and separate from the pack.

Having it still be close at this point is probably great for freshman N’Kosi Perry. He’s an explosive player that fans are really excited about. If he continues his progress and keeps impressing his coaches and most importantly shows he can protect the football, Perry could get the nod. With that said, the competition is very healthy right now with all players showing maturity and supporting one another. That culture comes from the top as clearly Mark Richt has full control over this team.

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