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Mark Richt Goes to Twitter to defend team’s Hurricane Irma plans

(Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire)


Hurricane Irma has caused a lot of commotion and scrambling as everyone is trying to figure out what to do. The football world in the state has been all over the map, from changing game times to out right canceling games. This includes the Miami Hurricanes who had an away game against Arkansas State, but decided to cancel the game anyways. Then there came some speculation that Miami used the Hurricane to get some extra practices in, while the rest of the state evacuated. A charge that fired up head coach Mark Richt who took to twitter to explain the scenario.

As you can see Richt is adamant about the Canes not taking advantage of the extra days they do have now, due to the cancelation of the game. There had been some criticism from a member of the media especially from the Arkansas State contingent regarding the cancelation of this game (via Sun-Sentinel):

The outcry grew louder. A affiliate,, published a column — sans byline — demanding Miami forfeit the game, Arkansas State get a win, and that AP and Coaches Poll voters drop the Hurricanes in their rankings because voters “should see through the lowbrow scam of pretending Miami cannot play when their neighbors can and should treat Miami as if they lost.”

The editorial included a passage noting the team, “isn’t going to stay on campus and stack sandbags or drive rescue boats. Saturday they will be occupying hotel rooms somewhere in the evacuation zone that could have been filled by other evacuees watching TV and probably practicing somewhere getting ready for rival Florida State while Florida State is playing football at home against Louisiana Monroe on Saturday.

This was likely the passage that Richt was referring to that got him fired up. It’s pretty presumptuous to say that. It also creates this assumption that Miami football players aren’t also students at the school and members of the community at large. Hopefully the author got extra clicks for his article, because this sentiment is all that deserves. These situations are literally life and death and for a guy who graduated from the U, in Mark Richt, he probably has a pretty good idea about these hurricane drills.

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