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Looks like Mets will call up Tebow putting SEC Network on hold

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There was a lot of doubt, and even hate, earlier about Tim Tebow sincerely and legitimately trying to play big league baseball. Well he’s shut a lot of mouths, including in the national media and “internet experts,” who thought it was only a publicity stunt for the former Gator Heisman winners ego, career and marketability.

We wrote earlier in the Spring about Tebow playing and having decent success in the lowest level of minor league baseball for the New York Mets in Columbia, SC. He has since advanced recently to the highest level of Single A, the Florida State League, playing in Port St. Lucie.

Oh, and he is rolling along.

Example on Thursday night, where Tebow, as he was so many times for the Orange and Blue in Gainesville on Saturdays, was the hero for the Blue and Orange of the Mets:

Needless to say, that’s the kind of drama the Mets big club likes right now, as they begin the second half of the season eight games below .500 and 12 games out of the division race in the N.L. East.

Oh, and then, for all of the naysayers that Tebow would not succeed, much less show actual improvement, in addition to the walk-off home run for the internet and Sportscenter, there’s this:

With the understanding that Tebow is 30 and most of the players in high Single A ball are in the late teens and early 20’s, it’s still impressive that he’s showing he can hit. Michael Jordan was hopeless in this regard in 1994 and spring training of ’95 and scurried back to basketball.

So, now what for the future for Tebow later this year?

Well, we know that Tebow didn’t abandon the Mets/his teammates to go back to his million dollar “media job” and cover the recently concluded Media Days for SEC Network. Oh, and there were many on the air and the web, who cracked jokes that he would not only be sitting on the set in Hoover, AL, for ESPN/SEC Network in July, but that he would have quit baseball out of embarrassment, by now.


It’s obvious that New York, apparently dead in the playoff race, will bring him up to Double A level for their Binhampton, NY, affiliate soon.

Now, whether he can actually continue to hit and display the power he’s has shown against more seasoned minor league pitching prospects remains to be seen. Maybe, he cannot, and it goes no further this summer.

But, if the Mets call him up to Double A, and he shows promise, then guess what???

Come September 1st, when the rosters expand to 40 players at the Major League level to allow teams, especially, the ones out of it, to look at future talent, it’s obvious they would want Tebow for the on field and marketing reasons.

And it would be in a market, where previously went to the play for the New York Jets, too.

So, what does that mean for his broadcasting this season? Well, just as when he tried his final NFL comeback in training camp with the Eagles in 2015, Tebow has a clause in his SEC Network deal that they have to “hold his seat,” while he plays. Remember kids, always have a good agent.

It’s the same scenario here for 2017.

If the Mets promote him to the big club, then instead of traveling around the South as part of the “SEC Nation” studio show on their network in September, he will be trying to hit curves, sliders and 95 MPH fastballs from the Braves, Phillies and Nationals for a little while.

That means he won’t be on set for the monstrous Florida State-Alabama opener in Atlanta on September 2nd.

Again, we are still some distance from that.

If Tebow looks over matched in Binghampton, then it would be a total farce to put him out in front of the best of (called up) Double A, Triple A and, obviously, proven MLB star pitchers in September.

But, we like a lot of others will pay attention over the next 30 days, here.

Because, if he continues to hit, and dramatically like Thursday, it may be once again “Tebow Time”  in the Big Apple this fall.

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