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UCF should let others do the talking for their season

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“To the victors go the spoils” is the old cliche’ from medieval times and for UCF, as the only unbeaten team in FBS football this year, they want more of the “spoils.” And, rightfully, so, they should.

Immediately after their Peach Bowl win over Auburn on Monday, they were already talking about being “National champs.” QB McKenzie Milton told the media, “You can go ahead and cancel the playoffs,” (there was no need for a championship game with the Knights finishing 13-0).

The latest is UCF athletic director Danny White wanting to hold a parade in Orlando for the “national champs” and he told Orlando sportsradio station 96.9 “The Game” Wednesday morning:

Look, we get it. UCF deserves to take pride in their first ever unbeaten season and no one can take that away from them what this 2017 team just accomplished, including outplaying an SEC power in the Peach Bowl.

However, at some point you’re going to rub people the wrong way with all that you’re doing and make yourself almost look childish.

You won. Say you won (they have). Say that you deserve to be in the Playoff right now. Tough to argue.

But, you keep at it with planned parades in Orlando and hanging banners, etc.  and now, you turn the narrative to “they’re arrogant,” or “they don’t know their place,” and so on. It’s unnecessary for the Knights.

Yes, Alabama and Georgia will meet for the College Football Playoff championship on Monday night in Atlanta. And, were well aware that Auburn beat both of those teams in November. And, UCF just dispatched Auburn and has an argument.

But in the end, the system is the system. Either the Tide of the Dawgs are going to be the champs.

UCF is, and should be. proud of what they did. And it’s okay to keep reminding people for a couple of days about 13-0.

But then?

Let other people talk about how good you are. Let them point it out for you.

That’s what winning programs do.

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