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UCF isn’t afraid of Auburn-why should they act like it?

Jamil King



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The peach is typically a sweet fruit, but nothing is going to be sweet when Auburn and UCF meet in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Day.

UCF leading rusher Adrian Killins let it be known Thursday that Auburn hasn’t seen the type of speed that the Knights possess. We wrote before about the speed Killins has shown and why he and his teammates believe they are as fast or faster than the Tigers.

“I will say they’re in for a rude awakening, because UCF football, we’re UCF fast and UCF fierce,” Killins said. “Defense will get 11 hats to the ball, fast and furious, and offense, we’ve got a lot of guys who can go up and get the ball, make you miss and make big plays.”

Many will bash Killins for saying that, and will say he just ended the Knights chances of getting a win.
In all honesty though, what did you expect him to say?

“We had a good run, but the SEC is too much for us?” Not happening.

The Knights are undefeated, and no matter who you play in any sport that is an accomplishment to be proud of and one to recognize.

While his remarks may have poked the bear or in this case, the sleeping tiger, not all is lost.

After all, on a few occasions, we have seen the “group of 5” teams come away with bowl wins over more prestige’s programs: Utah defeated Alabama in 2009., Houston upset FSU in 2015, and The Knights, themselves defeated Baylor in 2014.

For Killins to say Auburn hasn’t seen this speed could be a stretch, but what isn’t a stretch is the Knights chances to win this game.

Quarterback McKenzie Milton had a phenomenal season being named AAC Offensive Player of the year, and it could be argued he played better than any of the signal callers in the SEC.

Yes, the AAC isn’t the SEC, but you cannot ignore what the sophomore did this season with 3,795 yards passing and 35 TDs in the air .

This game features strength on strength with these two teams.

The Knights score early and often averaging 49.4 points and 500.4 yards a game. With just 28 minutes and 16 seconds of possession per game, a number that ranks 103rd in the FBS. Auburn, meanwhile, is 34th in the nation in average time of possession, 46th in snaps per game (73.8) and 25th in scoring.

Auburn played 3 of the top teams in the nation this year coming into this game battled tested with a stout defense and dominating rushing attack. The Knights come in as the only undefeated team in the nation with a chip on their shoulders and hungry to prove they are a top team.

This game should be nothing but sour, bitter and anything but sweat until all zeros are on the scoreboard and one team is holding up the trophy.

Jamil King is a young draft pick working his way up the depth chart on the F.F.I. roster, who enjoys watching and writing about all of Florida’s football teams.

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