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UCF coach Josh Heupel- “Moments like this? Those last a lifetime”

Florida Football Insiders



Riding high off of back-to-back American Conference Championship game wins, UCF is celebrating with a 25 game win streak.

Now they know they will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl against SEC opponent LSU coming on New Year’s afternoon.

However, the Knights are certainly entitled to Revel in what they have done over the last two years and specifically over the last couple of weeks.

Overcoming the catastrophic injury to their best player and leader McKenzie Milton, UCF went ahead and finished off a rivalry win over USF. And then, last weekend disposed of Memphis for the second straight year in the championship game.  It was not easy, as the Tigers built a 38-21 lead at the half only to have UCF and quarterback Darriel Mack storm back for 35 second half points in the historic victory.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a “behind the scenes” documentary episode of last Saturday from beginning to end courtesy of UCF and their multimedia Digital team called “Knight Flicks.”

We were struck most by first year coach Josh Heupel almost getting a tear in his eye addressing the team after the Championship win and saying what will forever resonate. Further, the point that no one can take away what UCF has done the last two seasons to get to 25 straight wins and two conference championships.

In particular, Heupel, who quarterbacked a national title team at Oklahoma, delivers the memorable line that’s in our headline above: “Moments like this? Those will last a lifetime.” 

Those are tremendous for his team and for the future of UCF football, and fun to watch.

And, Heupel is right. No matter what happens in Arizona with LSU, and by the way, there’s a chance UCF might beat them just like Auburn last year in the Peach bowl, they will always be back-to-back Conference champions.

And no one can take away 25 straight victories on what became an increasingly bigger stage each step of the way.