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As Hurricane Matthew threatens the eastern side of Florida and eventually the southern Atlantic Coast Friday through Saturday night, there are safety concerns everywhere.

And then there’s scheduled college football in our state and elsewhere that may be affected.

As of Tuesday afternoon, here’s the latest from the National Hurricane Center on Matthew’s path:

Now, any Floridian knows that Hurricane projections beyond 48 hours are mostly useless. It’s educated guess work with computer models, etc.  And that still photo projection above will change every few hours. We will all have a better idea of Matthew’s path for Thursday, tomorrow. Likewise for Friday, the day before.

We know with the threat to the state of South Carolina for Saturday Governor Nikki Haley has ordered a million people already to evacuate Wednesday through Friday just in case. And she said Tuesday afternoon, “I don’t see how” the South Carolina home game with Georgia scheduled for Saturday night will be played, as scheduled.

Nothing official on that yet.

Here’s what we know for Florida college games: the UCF home game with Tulane for Friday night is the most likely the only college game in the state that could be affected, delayed, etc.

The Gators vs. LSU game in Gainesville and the USF game with East Carolina in Tampa are both at noon Saturday. That should be well after Hurricane Matthew is gone out the area. And also, Tampa being on the west central coast is not expected to be bothered really at all.

Also, FSU at Miami is a Saturday night game at 8 p.m. and likewise the Hurricane should be long gone and shouldn’t affect it.

Back to Friday and UCF in Orlando, especially if Matthew slows down Wednesday or Thursday, the school is already preparing for contingencies:

Never dull in Florida in Hurricane season. Stay tuned.