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Former UCF-Seahawks rookie Shaquem Griffin part of new Nike campaign

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Brett Davis- USA Today Sports

It’s one of the most famous ad campaigns in the history of American marketing and Nike has rolled out the 30th anniversary of it. The same “Just Do It” campaign that featured multiple famous athletes over and over again on television in the 80s and 90s has been revived.

And while the latest version has controversy because of Colin Kaepernick being featured and is the narrator and in the relaunch of “Just Do It,” it’s a former UCF Knight that’s involved that we are interested in, too.

During Kaepernick’s narrated monologue about doing amazing and unprecedented things, former UCF star Shaquem Griffin’s career to this point is profiled. This includes a couple of his incredible plays (see one above) last season from UCF’s perfect 13-0 year.

Take a look at the extended internet version of the ad:

Griffin went on to win the American Conference defensive Player of the Year during the Knights historic unbeaten season. And he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in April.

As we wrote yesterday, after being doubted about his NFL talent or not, he incredibly is now slated to start as a rookie, when the Seahawks open their season Sunday in Denver.

So controversy or not, the fact that Griffin is involved with a worldwide marketing campaign with one of the top brands in all of sports is a good thing for he and his career.

A shorter version of the ad is slated to run during NBC’s Thursday Night Football game to kick off the season between the champion Eagles and the Falcons. It’s not known if Griffin’s portion will be in those television ads.

However, do not be surprised if Griffin continues to have this short-term success, and that  Nike rolls out ads that are featuring him overcoming his disability to be a starter in the National Football League.

That’s the epitome of “Just Do It.”

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