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Could UCF and Nebraska fill schedule voids by playing each other?

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With UCF having their game cancelled this weekend in Chapel Hill against North Carolina due to Hurricane Florence, it’s the second year in a row the Knights have a void in their schedule that will cost them a 12th game.

As we wrote yesterday, there’s really no hope of this game being made up, because it’s an out of conference game and the Knights and Tar Heels do not share the same open date.

And, for the second year in a row the College Football Playoff selection committee can look down upon UCF strength of schedule. This is because: just like losing the Georgia Tech game a year ago due to Hurricane Irma, the Knights lose another Power Five opponent this year.

That is unless UCF is willing to get creative, and maybe partner up with another Power Five program that has a very familiar face to everyone in Orlando.


Yes, the Knights strength-of-schedule answer could be waiting in Lincoln, Nebraska with the Huskers and the former UCF-now brand new Nebraska coach, Scott Frost.

And while on the surface it might seem a little far-fetched, it actually makes a lot of sense for both programs to play the game.

The first and biggest key is Nebraska and UCF share the same bye week of October 27th. That stroke of scheduling coincidence opens the door for them to get together on a date that they agree to play.

Also a key factor is that the Huskers home opener with Akron two weeks ago, Frost’s first game in his returned to his alma mater, was canceled after a four-hour lightning delay.

So, the Huskers have lost what was a very winnable home game themselves, and with the challenge of their Big Ten schedule later in the year, may be struggling to get to a sixth win to play in a bowl game.

Therefore, Nebraska should be very interested in playing another game against a significant opponent that would create great excitement and could also help their win total.

Now, they’re obviously scheduling challenges for both programs.

First, UCF is scheduled to play Temple the next Thursday night (November 1st) at home in Orlando at Spectrum Stadium on ESPN. That’s why the bye week is originally in their schedule in the first place.

Next, Nebraska’s bye week was given to them by the Big Ten before they are scheduled to play Ohio State on Saturday November 3rd in Columbus.

However, as this item online suggested Tuesday night, the two programs could to agree to play on Friday October 26th. That would give UCF an extra day of rest and getting back to Orlando to play the game with Temple five days later instead of four, if they played Saturday.

And because Nebraska is at home the previous week with Minnesota it’s easier for them to only have five days in between that game any potential Friday night game with the Knights.

Another overwhelming factor in the favor of this happening, is UCF athletic director Danny White. White has such a great relationship with Frost that even though Frost took the Nebraska job in December, they worked out for he and his assistants coming back to coach the Peach Bowl game January 1st.

As you probably know, the Knights went on to stun SEC Powerhouse Auburn and finish 13 – 0.

It is completely realistic that if UCF with night negotiated seriously with Frost and Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos to come play in Lincoln, it could be worked out.

UCF has a large road game with Memphis just before this potential match up with the Huskers. There is an argument to be made that you wouldn’t schedule a tough road situation like this, if you are looking to finish unbeaten.

However, if the Knights continue to win all the way up until that date they will absolutely be in the top 10 of the rankings, and the CFP committee would give them great consideration for playing this hypothetical road game with Nebraska.

And, Nebraska would be very interested in a high-priced home game that fills a scheduled void that helps them potentially make a bowl game at the end of the year.

So, a potential UCF Nebraska Showdown could happen and there are a lot of reasons for it to happen.

Now we wait and wonder if it actually will.

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