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Awaiting judge ruling, former UCF kicker De La Haye still kicking on Youtube

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It was last Monday that former UCF kicker Donald De La Haye and his lawyers were in Orlando Federal Court, as the school was attempting to throw his Youtube channel first amendment case out. De La Haye has had to wait over a week on his temporary fate in court and interestingly, he back on Youtube. And back kicking….which is the whole crux of the controversy.

First, we wrote about the arguments in court last Monday and now, U.S. Federal Judge Anne Conway is mulling over whether to agree with UCF and dismiss the case or not. She is expected to rule anytime on whether the case De La Haye brought can move forward, or whether UCF successfully stopped it for now, and maybe rid themselves of responsibility in the courts down the road.

At issue was De La Haye’s popular Youtube channel, which has over 670,000 subscribers and how he had begun to make money on his video postings from the internet video service’s “built in advertising” that appears before and during it’s content.

As De La Haye began to get more popular and continue to show “behind the scenes” footage of him kicking for UCF, at their practice facility, etc. that’s when the NCAA swooped in. And, they told him he could not profit off the videos that were using anything associated with he and UCF football.

Eventually, he was given the choices to remain eligible and on scholarship: to give the money earned to charity, stop producing videos of him associated with kicking at UCF and/or shut the channel down completely.

De La Haye took none of those, was ruled ineligible and taken off scholarship.

Well, on Monday afternoon, De La Haye put up his latest video on Youtube, it has ads on it, has some still impressive kicking displays (at what looks like a community football filed at a park), and even a dig at the school.

Warning some of his language and references are NSFW and not for children, but humorous for adults, too.

Probably, the best/most ironic part of the latest video is him holding the UCF logoed football, as one that he’s kicking and saying “I stole this from UCF.”

De La Haye continually pounds footballs through the uprights from 45+ yards out and even moves them back to what he says is 58 yards (it’s tough to tell on the ground without markings) and kicks several through, also.

Watching the video further begs the question, as to why he doesn’t look to turn pro for an NFL opportunity this fall or maybe in the upcoming Alliance of American Football in the Spring, etc?

That has to be his ultimate goal, anyway.

For now, he we wants to be back on scholarship at UCF.

However, he’s no longer a student and that was also part of the school argument with the judge last Monday on his suit.

So, we wait for the judge for the next chapter.

And, while he waits, De La Haye continues to make football themed videos on Youtube (six in the last two weeks).

Stay tuned.

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