More than just massive money, Bears give Glennon chance to start

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The numbers are in on what it is the Bears are paying former Buccaneers backup quarterback Mike Glennon and they are at the top end of a range few believe Glennon is worthy of.

The average payout on what is believed to be a three-year deal, according to Ian Rapoport of will be $14.5 million and the contract includes $19 million in guarantees, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The deal will make Glennon one of the 25 highest-paid quarterbacks in the league, which seems a bit ludicrous to many, especially when you consider Glennon has thrown just 11 passes the last two years combined.

What many are forgetting, though, is that the Bears are adding what they believe is a starting caliber quarterback, one whom the Bucs have spent the last four years preparing for a starter’s role.

That’s something a lot of teams simply can’t do or won’t do with a young quarterback, and it really wasn’t in the Bucs original plans to do it either, but those plans, as Bucs fans know too well, changed.

Some may have forgotten that Glennon was drafted in the third round in 2013 ostensibly to be a replacement for then Bucs starter Josh Freeman, whom then Bucs coach Greg Schiano was never enamored with.

But a regime change came a year later and new coach Lovie Smith brought in Josh McCown to start, which was probably a mistake, then a year later, holding the number one pick, the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston.

So it’s never really been a matter of whether Glennon was actually capable of starting. It has been more a matter of circumstances always dictating that someone else start ahead of him.

The Bears seem to get that. The value of their deal pays Glennon like a starter, but the length tells you they aren’t sold just yet and that they may see Glennon as nothing more than a bridge to the next guy.

That’s fair, because all Glennon really wanted out of free agency was a fair chance to prove he can indeed be a starter indeed. He’s got that fair chance now, so it’s up to him to take full advantage of it and prove he’s worth the starter’s money he’ll be paid.

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