Just that fast-McCoy and Bucs moving on to Falcons

Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire


Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy didn’t go straight home the way he usually does after the Bucs lost to the Raiders at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

He made a detour to nearby One Buc Place, where he was hoping to expedite his recovery from the loss in an effort to be at his best for the Bucs game Thursday against the Falcons at RJS.

“I (went) straight to the facility to get into the cyro tanks and to do some treatment and I’ll probably get a massage (this) morning, because it’s a quick turnaround,’’ McCoy said.

Coach (Dirk) Koetter will take care of the physical part but we have to be mentally prepared and so we have to take care of ourselves. We even have to watch what we eat because it’s a quick turnaround.’’

NFL players and coaches are not fans of the quick turnaround they have to make between a game on Sunday and a game on Thursday, but in this case some are actually happy to be making it.

The Bucs 30-24 loss to the Raiders, who tried to give the game away by committing an NFL record 23 penalties, was so devastating, the Bucs are glad to be turning their attention away from it so quickly.

“That’s lucky for us,’’ quarterback Jameis Winston said.Now we’ve got to move on, because it’s another division game. And luckily for us we get another chance to be in front of the home crowd.’’

It wasn’t just the players who immediately began the process of putting this game behind them. As McCoy suggested, Koetter and the Bucs coaches began that process soon after Sunday’s game was over as well.

“We’ve got to get our guys back and turn it around and be back here in four days for a division game … and there’s plenty we’ve got to fix between now and then,’’ Koetter said.
So we’re going to start focusing on Atlanta (right away). The coaches (went) right back to the office (on Sunday night) because we’ve got a short week and (Atlanta is) what we have to be thinking about.

“Because the thing is, we’re a long way away from being done. I’m hurting right now. And those guys (in that locker room) are hurting. But we’re not even to the halfway point (of the season yet).

Sure I’m disappointed we lost. But I’m proud of how we competed. And the fans were awesome today. Hat’s off to them. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. But now we’ve got to do our part.’’

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