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Should Jerome Brown be in the College Football Hall of Fame?

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Every year the National Football Federation, the organization in charge of the College Football Hall of Fame nominates and enshrines several college football greats. One former Miami Hurricanes DT who has yet to be enshrined is the late great Jerome Brown. According to another former Hurricane great Alonzo Highsmith, Jerome Brown should be in the hall of fame.

Highsmith took to twitter to make his point and a certain former Oklahoma head coach chimed in on the conversation.

So Switzer showed a lot of love for Brown. However he makes another point that clearly Highsmith missed out on.

It actually turns out that Jerome Brown was first team All-American in 1986 along with his teammate on defense, Bennie Blades. Blades was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Personally I remember that because I was actually there at the ceremony that year.

Coach Switzer got his information a little incorrect regarding Brown’s status as being eligible for the CFB HOF, but he did get the parameters to get in correct.

Brown was one of the most dominant DTs during his era in college football. When he came to the Eagles in 1987 as the 9th overall pick, he started to dominate in the NFL too. We will never know where his career would have gone, because of his untimely death after an automobile accident in his hometown of Brooksville, Florida in 1992. He was only 27 years old.

Going back to the argument Highsmith made about Brown. He has a point. Brown was as dominant of a defensive player in college as there was at the time. He was first team all american, so he should be nominated. If Barry Switzer, his former star tight end at Oklahoma Keith Jackson, who was Brown’s teammate in Philly agree he was dominant, what’s the issue.

Perhaps it’s time to enshrine Jerome Brown into College Football Hall of Fame. He has the credentials to make it in, people who coached against and played with him either in college or the pros agree about how great he was. Not sure what else he’s missing to make it in. It would be a nice tribute to the late great Jerome Brown to finally get enshrined.


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