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Jarvis Landry’s agent says deadline for new deal is season opener

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In an off season that has seen the Dolphins ponying up money to keep their own prominent players and even lay out some serious cash to get free agents, Jarvis Landry still remains without a long term deal headed to his fourth and final year of his rookie contract.

He is clearly one of the top young receivers in football and is in line for a significant raise from the just under $900,000 he’s slated to make in 2017. We wrote previously Landry has been doing things the right way by going on a promotional tour on behalf of the Dolphins and the NFL to London this off season. And, that would include also participating in the off season programs and the recently concluded mini-camp, too.

Clearly, he’s in line to get a massive raise upcoming and Miami management knows that. But, it hasn’t happened, as of yet. And it doesn’t seem to be bothering Landry or his agent, DaMarius Bilbo to this point. But, now there is a deadline in place where Bilbo says, they won’t negotiate anymore with the Phins this year. That would be the Miami opener with the Buccaneers on September 10th.

Bilbo’s comments about that deadline to the Miami Herald in Tuesday’s edition, make it clear. “The ball is still in their court; we are happy to go into a fourth year healthy and eager to put another year in the books,” he said. “We don’t want every game to be about a new contract. This is not a tactic; that is not an approach. This is who Jarvis is and what he wants out of the upcoming season.”

Obviously, this gives both sides some time, over 60 days at this point, to figure out a long term deal. As the Herald item also points out, the Dolphins could also play it all the way out to next off season and franchise tag Landry for a season, which would guarantee him at least $15 million for 2018.

Will Mike Tannenbaum and Co. make the next move and intensify the negotiations with Landry’s imposed deadline? Likely, yes. Again, it’s in their best interest to lock him up long term and by doing it now, they can spread the guaranteed money out on this year’s cap along with future years, too.

Still it’s a smart move by Lanry/Bilbo to say the right things to the media and, thereby, the Dolphin fans, as well. It scores them points in the forum of public opinion.

And it’s obvious, Landry is also about making catches and scoring points in 2017 with or without a new deal before the season starts.

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