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Jarvis Landry let his play do the talking Sunday

Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire


There were many facets to the Dolphins overcoming adversity to get a 19-17 road win in Los Angeles over the Chargers on Sunday. And, when the dust settled, Miami star Jarvis Landry had recorded one of the more staggering pass catching opening days in Dolphins history.

The stat line read 13 catches for 78 yards, but bigger than that was the implied message it sent to his teammates and the organization. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t get a long term deal by my imposed deadline of the start of the season. I will go “ball out” and let my play speak for me.

While the yardage wasn’t spectacular, consider that five of Landry’s receptions went for first downs. And, there can be no debate that his work underneath and moving the sticks freed up teammates Kenny Stills and Devante Parker for pass catches down the field, as the game wore on.

Landry cared the most about the 19-17 victorious outcome, as briefly captured by their team media on the field:

As we have written previously, Landry would let the contract situation on his rookie deal play out, if the team wasn’t willing to get it done as the regular season began. That deadline has come and gone. Yet, Sunday instead of pouting or having it affect his play, Landry took it all out on the Chargers secondary.

There is also a domestic violence investigation on going from an off season incident involving Landry, the mother of his child and an argument where 911 was called. However, Landry, and the woman both insist he did nothing physical to her. Yet, the Broward County State Attorney’s office will continue to look into it, for now.

Would this potentially hurt the prospects of Landry getting that new contract? Likely, not.

What will help it the most is Landry playing like he did Sunday and putting all the pressure from the media/fans, etc. on management to get him that deal.

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