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Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, Doug Marrone was absolutely running up score on Jets Sunday

Florida Football Insiders



Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars needed and got a decisive Sunday afternoon win over the New York Jets 31 – 12 and improved to 3 – 1 on the season.

However, there was definitely something curious going on at the end of the contest, as the Jaguars were in the process of putting the game away and running out the clock.

And despite Jags Coach Doug Marrone trying to downplay it or deny it, Jacksonville was clearly trying to score one more touchdown and even went for the two-point conversion when they didn’t have to in the final 20 seconds of the game.

Let’s reset the exact circumstances of what went on in the final minute at TIAA Bank field Sunday:

The Jaguars were leading decisively 25 – 12 and Jacksonville was in the process of running out the clock with the Jets out of timeouts and under the 2-minute warning.

On 2nd and goal, RB T.J. Yeldon took a direct snap at quarterback and ran four yards down to the Jets four yard line. Then, with the clock rolling at that point the Jaguars could have chosen to kneel on the ball on 3rd and goal and kill another approximate 40 seconds of time.

Marrone and play caller Nathaniel Hackett instead elected to directly snap the ball to Yeldon, again and he attempted to score from the 4-yard line being tackled inbounds at the one yard line, as the clock continued to roll.

Jacksonville eventually took a timeout to avoid a delay-of-game penalty with 27 seconds left.

At that point, with fourth and goal from the New York one yard line with 27 seconds left, leading by 13 points and with the Jets out of timeouts, Marrone could have knelt on the ball running 2 or 3 seconds off the clock and then, given the ball back to the Jets around their two or three yard line.

They then would have had to go 97 or more yards in the final 20 seconds of the game without a timeout to score a touchdown. Then, kick an onside kick and recover it to have any chance to score another touchdown to potentially win the game.

All in 20 seconds. Without any timeouts. With the first score coming from 97 or so yards away.

Those odds would be the same as you getting hit by an asteroid before 5 p.m. Monday.

Instead Marrone and Hackett called yet another play and this was a handoff to Yeldon, who scored on the 4th and goal to make the game 31-12.

Then, things got even more curious: Up by 19 points with 25 seconds left, which again for the non-math majors, meant the Jags only needed to kick an extra point to be up by the magical margin of 20 points at 32 to 12.

That would now mean that in the final 25 seconds, the Jets would have to score two touchdowns, convert both two-point conversions, and get the ball back a third time and score another touchdown to beat you (overcoming 20 point deficit).

Instead, when questioned after the game, Marrone told the media that his chart said at 19 points for the margin- go for two, which the Jaguars did. Blake Bortles’ pass fell incomplete and the margin remained 19 points 31 – 12.

The Jaguars kicked off and the Jets called a first down run play into the line to run the clock out and accept “the L.”

In this item by Jaguars reporter Mike Dirocco, he also questioned Marrone’s behavior and tactics at the end of the game and wondered what was behind it all?

Marrone used a cop-out excuse of:

“We had a lot of guys banged up for the PAT/field goal [team], and on the chart it just said 19 [points],” Marrone said. “On the chart it says go for two. I’m one of those guys, I never try to take anything for granted in an NFL game. Try to keep working those mechanics and doing it, so just went for two.

“… We’re not good enough to send a message right now.”

However one of his players, defensive tackle Malik Jackson verified post game that Marrone was running it up, telling the media,

“He doesn’t like those guys,” Jackson said. “I don’t know what they did to him, but he doesn’t like them.”

When Jets coach Todd Bowles was asked about the interesting circumstance of scoring a touchdown in the final 30 seconds and then going for a two-point conversion, when the game was already decided, he told the New York media:

“I don’t tell another guy how to coach his team,” he said. “If they run it, we have to defend it.”

Marrone went head-to-head against the Jets as coach of the Buffalo Bills for two seasons and won three of the four meetings, including two decisive wins in 2014. Marrone exercised an “out clause” in his contract that said if there was an ownership change in Buffalo, he could walk away with $4 million dollars. And, he did so in January of 2015.

As Dirocco wrote Sunday evening, Marrone interviewed a short time later with the Jets and apparently had his bid to become their coach partially sabotaged by the New York media quoting unnamed Bills’ assistants and sources ripping Marrone for how he had conducted himself, as head coach in Buffalo.

Marrone (shown above in post game handshake Sunday), obviously didn’t get the Jets job and Todd Bowles did in January of 2015.

Interstingly, the Jaguars lost a hard fought 23-20 overtime game at the Jets last year. It was controversial in one sense, when an apparent go ahead TD was scored by Leonard Fournette late in the game, but was called back for holding. The Jags had to settle for a tying field goal and the Jets eventually won with their field goal in overtime.

So our “F.F.I. detective work” leads us to believe this is a shot at Jets ownership and Woody Johnson and the team front office, for angering him during the interview process.

There’s no legitimate football scoring reason as to why Marrone and the Jaguars were trying to score a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the final 25 seconds of the game Sunday.

It had to be something else.

And now, we have the a somewhat clearer picture of what.

Zach Lauer
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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars acquired RB Carlos Hyde from Browns Friday

Florida Football Insiders



Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Desperate to kick-start their offense, the Jaguars continue to overhaul their banged-up backfield. On Friday, Jacksonville acquired running back Carlos Hyde from the Cleveland Browns.

Hyde, a former second-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers, had signed with the Browns in March on a three year $15.2 million deal. And, he had modest success in Cleveland’s first six games, with his best game coming in week 3 against the Jets where he ran for 98 yards on 23 carries and scored two touchdowns.

The Jaguars are parting with a fifth round draft pick in return for the former Ohio State Buckeyes star to give them a “shot in the arm” offensively.

We have well-documented that the Jaguars run game is undermanned and underwhelming. With Leonard Fournette still battling an injured hamstring and already ruled out for Sunday- meaning he will miss his fifth game in the last six, Coach Doug Marrone and staff are looking for answers on the ground.

A week ago in Dallas T.J. Yeldon had 8 carries for 41 yards and newly-acquired Jamaal Charles carried five times for just 5 yards. Yeldon has been limited in practice with a nagging ankle injury, and Charles is approaching 32 years of age and there is still concerned about how much he has left to offer.

With Hyde being acquired on Friday afternoon, he will be first be able to be active and able to help next week, when the Jaguars head to London to play the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hyde is slated to make $5.5 million dollars on this year’s cap, including the prorated 3.5 million signing bonus in the deal he did with Cleveland. The Jaguars are now going to be responsible for a little more than half of that money with 10 games to go in the regular season.

As for their offense, it has registered just 21 points in the last two games- both blowout losses to the Chiefs and the Cowboys. And, off of three losses in four games, if the Jaguars don’t get something going quickly, it may not matter which running back is in the backfield for the stretch run.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars coach Marrone offered little Thursday about possible turnaround

Florida Football Insiders



Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s definitely “circle the wagons” time for the Jaguars after they’ve lost two straight and three of their last four games. The Jags are at home Sunday with division rival Houston and will try to put 60 minutes of football together to get back to their winning ways.

However, if you were looking Thursday for any insight, much less encouraging words, about possible improvement starting Sunday from head coach Doug Marrone, keep looking.

As is customary on Thursdays, Marrone was not made available to the media for a press conference, because  he talks extensively on his radio show that is simulcast on the Jags website.

But, not much was learned about improving the struggles during the 15 minutes or so of conversation with the internet hosts J.P. Shadrick and former Jags defensive star/analyst Jeff Lageman.

For example, Marrone was never asked about quarterback Blake Bortles, much less his recent struggles, and most importantly, what’s being done by offensive coordinator to Nate Hackett and quarterback coach Scott Milanovich to try to get the passing game back on track?

Likewise, Marrone was never asked about the Jaguars running game, with the problems that it has had with Leonard Fournette out of the lineup with his bad hamstring.

As we continue to monitor, Fournette did not practice at all again on Thursday and it appears the Jags are going to rest him for an extended period of time. This is out of concern to not re-injure the hamstring, like he did three weekends ago trying to play after two weeks of rest on the injured hammy against the Jets.

Still, you would have liked to of heard what have heard what Marrone thought of RB Jamaal Charles’ limited time and performance last week, how he’s looked in his second full week of practice and what the prospects are of him being able to help the Jaguars win this game with Houston?

Alas, there was nothing Thursday night.

The media will get one final opportunity in advance of the Texans game to talk to Marrone on Friday and see what the updates are on any of those subjects above?

In the meantime, we realize that most Jags fans are only concerned with whether the Jaguars are going to turn it around, get a victory and still maintain at least a tie for the lead in the division.

But the ones that were looking for reassurance from the head coach that it is going to turn around starting Sunday and how?

Well, they, like us, are still waiting.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

VIDEO- Jaguars trying to snap out of it leads our weekend preview

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Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

College football is cranking up with two state teams undefeated still, and all three state NFL teams will host games this Sunday, too. Is Florida State over that collapse two weeks ago against Miami? Will the Jaguars rebound after two bad performances in K.C. and Dallas?

It won’t be easy as Jacksonville welcomes AFC South rival Houston, who has won three straight games themselves. Meanwhile, “Brock-tober” continues at QB in Miami and will the Buccaneers get well with the Browns coming to town?

Here are hosts, T.J. Rives and Todd Grasley to preview all of the in state action, college and NFL, on the latest edition of the F.F.I. preview:

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