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With Marqise Lee injury, getting Dez Bryant isn’t so simple for Jaguars

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It’s certainly a juicy version of NFL “connect the dots.” The Jaguars lost wide receiver Marqise Lee for the season, because of an awful hit on his knee in their Saturday night preseason game with the Falcons.

The Jags made it official on Monday morning, that Lee tore a knee ligament (believed to be his ACL) and is going on injured reserve.

And now, in need of a veteran who can make an impact, most fans would want the team to pursue former Cowboys star, Dez Bryant.

Here’s the reality, even if you are comfortable with the selfish antics and locker room drama that the former Dallas Pro Bowler will assuredly bring, you still may not be able to convince him to come to North Florida.

Primarily, there’ another team, the Browns, who are very publicly flirting with Bryant already.

As shown extensively on last Tuesday night’s edition of HBO “Hard Knocks,” the Browns had Bryant in their building last weekend.

This is because, a. they are the Browns and they are dysfunctional and have been bad for going on fifteen years and b. Cleveland had already traded former 2016 #1 pick Corey Coleman and was without Josh Gordon for personal reasons for the first three weeks of training camp.

Gordon just came back, but is already experiencing tightness in his hamstring in his initial team workouts.

Now, as “Hard Knocks” left off last Tuesday, Bryant walked out of the Browns facility without agreeing to a deal. And as of Sunday morning, he still doesn’t have one with them.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that the sides won’t agree, shortly.

And that’s the issue for the Jaguars and what’s in Bryant’s favor.

While Jacksonville may have a void with Lee out for an extended period of time. Getting Bryant to seriously consider, much less agree, to come to the Jags will mean they have convince him and probably out bid the Browns, in terms of guaranteed money and overall price.

The Jaguars reportedly have around $11 million, give or take, under their cap headed to September.

However, it’s also important to remember that most teams will leave several million or more available for situations like this one- a need because of injury. They also leave it available to rework other deals and give immediate guaranteed money for 2018. And the Jags may be plotting to do that, as well.

Cleveland meanwhile, reportedly, has over $50 million to spend for 2018 and can obviously, give Dez Bryant much in the short term.

So, it’s not just as simple as, bring him and get him to agree.

No, this Dez “Soap Opera” contains another team, and there could be still a silent third team that he’s also been talking to or may soon be talking to, as well.

Then, again, no one may sign Bryant, as the season begins.

It’s all in play for the former Cowboy and his representatives.

Stay tuned.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    August 26, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    Most that was written makes ZERO sense. Bryant’s toughness could very well make Fournette even better and should run off on Bortles. Heck…. it will make the offense fought which will make the offense a tougher unit…. and that will give that already good defense some additional energy!(isn’t that scary) I haven’t even mentioned the playmaking ability(run after the catch) he will bring. Whatever it is… it will be better than what Lee brings to the table!!!!

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