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Will Tony Boselli make Jaguars history-get in Hall of Fame Saturday?

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It’s the day before the NFL’s biggest game, Super Bowl 52 between the Patriots and the Eagles in Minneapolis. Equally as important though, there are 15 modern era finalists, who are awaiting their fate on a Pro Football Hall of Fame taking place there, too.

That meeting will last throughout the day and into the early evening, as the Pro Football Writers Association’s 48 eligible voters will debate each player’s “case,” and then, vote some of them into Canton, Ohio’s football shrine.

One finalist trying to make Jaguars history is former “all everything” left tackle Tony Boselli, who would become the first player in franchise history to get that historic honor and be inducted later this summer.

We laid out the argument for Boselli back in November, and he does have a strong case: five Pro Bowl selections, three All-Pro selections and regarded as the “All Decade” left tackle of the 1990’s despite playing only five years in that decade.

Like we wrote above, “all everything.”

Sure, competition is strong from the likes of first time eligible finalists like WR Randy Moss and LB’s Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher, who are all three almost guarantees to get their calls later Saturday and go to Canton.

However, Boselli has a lot of momentum, as he’s now been a finalist two years in a row.

And, a prominent voice, the original coach/GM of the club Tom Coughlin gave him the ultimate endorsement last year. Coughlin telling the Florida Times-Union that Boselli was the greatest player he ever coached, “Without a doubt, because he could do so many different things. He is such a great athlete on top anything else that he does.”

This from a man, who coached Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor to great success for many years in North Florida, too.

Will the call come later today for Boselli? Tough to know for sure.

As we wrote earlier in the week, Buccaneers and Broncos safety John Lynch is awaiting word Saturday afternoon, too. He is finalist, now, for the fifth year in a row and he has a strong case, too.

They both, along with the other finalists who are able, awaiting a phone call or a knock on their hotel room door in Minneapolis later from the Pro Football Hall of Fame that says, “you got in.”

Time to find out if 2018 is the year for one of the cornerstones of the Jags franchise, Tony Boselli.

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