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Will Colts/GM Chris Ballard turn to Jaguars OC Nate Hackett?

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Now that Josh McDaniels has decided not to take the Colts job and Indianapolis has opened their search backup, a legitimate question that should concern Jaguars fans is: Will Nate Hackett now be on their radar?

We wrote previously during the Jaguars playoff run in January that Hackett might get consideration for one of the job openings, especially if a team was looking for someone to tutor and coach their quarterback.

Tennessee decided to hire Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and the Lions did the same hiring Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

But with Indianapolis all set to hire McDaniels, an offensive play calling type of head coach, it would make sense that would be willing to hire someone like Hackett.

One obvious difference from McDaniels is that Hackett has not been an NFL head coach before. Then again, McDaniels experience in Denver was a disaster. So much so, that he was fired in the middle of his second season there in 2010.

So the argument can be made that it didn’t qualify McDaniels any more that he had head coaching experience. and that it’s not a prerequisite for the Colts.

GM Chris Ballard took responsibility for the McDaniels disaster Wednesday morning, and during the Q & A with the media, told them that he was re-opening the search with new candidates, immediately.

Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich is also apparently in the mix, and rightfully, so. Not only his experience as a player with the Buffalo Bills, that includes the postseason and being involved in Super Bowls, as a backup to Jim Kelly, but the recent success in Philly in working with both Carson Wentz and Nick Foles makes him attractive.

The 39 year old Hackett has been an offensive coordinator previously under Doug Marrone in Buffalo and, he has worked with Blake Bortles in Jacksonville, as the quarterback coach and last year as the play caller over the past three seasons.

This Isn’t to say that Hackett would be the top choice, but Jaguars fans should be concerned.

A rival AFC South’s team, the Colts, now has an opening that no one expected to come back free, and Nate Hackett makes a lot of sense.

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1 Comment

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