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Why are Jaguars pushing for Calais Campbell to restructure deal?

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Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell is getting to enjoy his  reward of his second straight Pro Bowl with the team this week in Orlando. However, on Wednesday Campbell was being a “true company man” and, when asked about whether or not the Jags are trying to get him to restructure his deal.

Campbell told John Reid of the Florida Times-Union Wednesday afternoon that he and the team are talking contract renegotiation coming off his second year in Jacksonville.

Coming off a second-year, where he once again had double-digit sacks and is still the unquestioned leader in the Jaguars locker room, the question would be why?

Why, when Campbell, who’s worth every penny they paid him off the free agent market so far, shouldn’t a top priority to free up money. You would think that fellow defensive tackles Marcell Dareus, $10 million non-guaranteed for next year and Malik Jackson, $15 million salary with only $4 million guaranteed 2019, would be just as big or bigger candidates to re-structure.

It’s understood that Jags are currently, over the cap in projected spending for now, but they will likely be cutting QB Blake Bortles to save some money and could do the same to a couple of others, too.

The team could also entertain trading Leonard Fournette and saving $7 million off his 2019 salary. However, that’s a different difficult decision to weigh.

Campbell’s quote to Reid on the subject was, ″that’s the only way to do it and that’s something that was talked about that could possibly happen.″

He is alluding to still collecting all or most of his 2018 money through signing bonus, etc.

And, that shouldn’t be something that you’re you’re mandating to one of your stars and leaders on a team that lost 10 of its last 12 games.

Yet, that looks like what VP of football Tom Coughlin and GM Dave Caldwell are in fact trying to put Campbell in the position to do. He likely would receive more guaranteed money in the form of a signing bonus next year to lower his cap number, but it could also mean he may get less overall salary in the end for 2019 and certainly for 2020.

An interesting comparison is with the Buccaneers 6 time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. While McCoy has not had the same accomplishments on the field the last two seasons as Campbell has, he has a large price tag ($13 million) for 2019.

And at age 30, McCoy is two years younger. However, like Campbell, he may be in the right frame of mind to accept a renegotiated deal that keeps him in Tampa Bay for new coach Bruce Arians and new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

The Buccaneers may very well have come or about to come to McCoy with the same kind of proposition, and in that case, it would be more warranted than what the Jaguars are doing with Campbell.

The team had no comment on Campbell putting out there at the Pro Bowl that talks are ongoing.

The final part is what is the actual deal.

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