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What will Jaguars do with Allen Robinson?

Jamil King



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Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell spoke at the 2018 NFL Combine on Wednesday afternoon and may have relieved some concern for Jags fans. Caldwell indicated that the Jaguars do have the salary cap space to re-sign both wide receiver Allen Robinson and cornerback Aaron Colvin.

Both are unsigned with free agency looming. We wrote earlier on the Colvin situation and that he may have played his way out of the Jags pockets.

Allen Robinson on the other hand, has been the main attraction for the Jaguars all off-season.

The issue with Robinson is he may have to get franchise tagged at $16 million, which is a lot of money and Caldwell knows that. Caldwell said from Indianapolis, “that’s a lot of money, and it would prohibit us from doing some things and helping the team around him.”

Here are his full comments:

The Jags haven’t used the franchise tag with Caldwell at the helm, and the Jags, as a franchise, have not used the tag since 2012 with kicker Josh Scobee, the year before Caldwell was hired. They have until March 6th to decide to do it.

While on the surface it may look ludicrous to let Robinson walk, he is coming off an ACL injury, and it truly is a gamble on both ends of the spectrum. First, keeping him at the expense of losing Colvin, would hurt the defense. And that would mean, they must feel comfortable with finding a cheaper replacement that can perform close to the level Colvin was at.

Letting Robinson leave creates an opening at the wideout spot. DeDe Westbrook and Keelan Cole did an excellent job in the absence of Marqise Lee and Allen Hurns, who he himself could be cut.

The ball is in the Jags court for now.  Though, if Caldwell and the Jaguars are telling the truth, and they have the funds for both of their pieces,  will they “shoot the long-range three” or settle for a mid-range jumper, or even a lay-up? (Sign one but not the other).

Tom Coughlin and Caldwell “have the ball.”

Jamil King is a young draft pick working his way up the depth chart on the F.F.I. roster, who enjoys watching and writing about all of Florida’s football teams.

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