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Vegas early “win total” odds out for Bucs Dolphins and Jaguars

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There is no shortage of optimism around the NFL in the 2019 offseason, as many teams believe they’ve already improve themselves through free agency and are looking forward to the draft. And in Las Vegas, they are always looking to entice the public to bet on something. So, you combine those two things, and it’s no surprise that a prominent Vegas Sportsbook has already put its under over win totals out for the 2019 NFL season, including for our state pro teams.

The “Superbook” at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas unveiled it’s “win total” proposition bets for the 2019 season on Saturday afternoon. And, the bad news for Florida teams is there doesn’t appear to be much belief, at least in the desert, in the Bucs, and Dolphins. Meanwhile, Vegas showed some initial love to the Jags.

In order, the Westgate believes that the Dolphins, with first-year coach Brian Flores, are at the bottom with the Arizona Cardinals and their first year boss, Kliff Kingsbury. The “Superbook” listed both teams win totals at only five for 2019. While Miami won seven games last year, it is understandable as both they and the Cards’ rosters are questionable and have quarterback situations that are still incomplete at this point, pending the upcoming draft.

The Westgate is not believing that much in Bruce Arians coming out of retirement to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers either. This as, they have their initial Tampa Bay win total at only six games. While that is one win better than where the Bucs finished at 5 – 11 in 2018, it’s not the optimism that Buccaneer fans are sharing right now with Arians and his staff coming aboard.

Finally for the state teams, the Westgate does favor the Jaguars somewhat installing their win total at eight, initially.

This is in no small part due to Jacksonville signing former Eagles Super Bowl hero Nick Foles (above) to huge free agent contract, as their new starting quarterback last month. That win total would be three more than the five wins the Jags acquired in 2018. And, it’s more in line with the 10 win season they had making the playoffs in 2017.

A couple of quick final observations:

First, it should be pointed out that these win totals will go up or down, according to the upcoming draft in April and other factors like: how the teams look in the preseason before the actual games that matter begin in September?

And next, the only thing that odds makers are trying to do is: get equal betting on both sides, so that they take in money no matter which way the public gambles on a team or a proposition bet.

So, for example: if a lot of people start wagering on the Buccaneers to win more than 6 games, that line will move up to 6.5 or maybe, eventually, 7 wins because of it.

Another example would be the Cardinals, who hold the number one overall pick in the draft with a new flashy head coach out of college in Kingsbury. Say they draft Oklahoma Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray with that pick upcoming? Then, you can bet the Westgate will pop their win total up from 5 to maybe 6 or 6.5  just to entice the public and create some more buzz.

Not surprisingly, the Superbook has the Patriots with an 11 win total, as they seemingly win double-digit games and go to the Super Bowl every year. The Chiefs, the Rams and the Saints, who also participated in the Conference Championship games last year are all at 10.5 win totals to start off at the beginning of April, as well.

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