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“To be or not to be?” Jaguars coach Marrone speaks Shakespeare

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars, like every other NFL team, are deep into their draft night preparation with Thursday fast approaching, but on Tuesday morning coach Doug Marrone took time out to talk with the growingly popular “Good Morning Football on the NFL Network.

And, it was not your ordinary “say nothing” exchange between hosts and a head coach trying not to divulge any of his team’s intentions. Ok, so Marrone didn’t really say anything about Jacksonville’s intentions starting Thursday night, but what he did do was provide some insight into his upbringing. Then, hilariously, he busted out some good ole’ Shakespeare.


We have to write, “Bravo!”

The coach surprised everyone quoting from a high school play that his drama teacher encouraged him to participate in, and he obviously still remembers his part from “Othello.” And, the GMFB crew went crazy.

More to the point of coaching, Marrone relayed some great insight about how those kind of experiences have helped him become better, as the head coach in front of his team. “I still believe that to this day, it has helped me…stand in front of a team. Stand in front of people, as far as, public speaking, because…we practiced that quite a bit. I appreciate that teacher challenging me to make those steps.”

It’s not known if Marrone began to use “For whom the bell tolls,” as his team rose to a 10-6 regular season, the AFC South Division title and then, two playoff wins over Buffalo and Pittsburgh, but hey, you never know.

His personality has begun to come out over the last year and half, after the Jaguars decided to make him the full time head coach in 2017.

And now that we know he has some English Literature experience to draw on, we have to pun, once more: is it “To be or not to be,” for the Jags to have a repeat successful season in 2018.

We will soon begin to find out.

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