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“Tag Deadline Day”- what will Jaguars do with Allen Robinson?

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Sportscasters and lawyers love the phrase, “it comes down to this.” And for the Jaguars, two weeks of plotting, negotiating, maneuvering and preparing for the upcoming craziness of looming NFL Free Agency, now has a deadline. By Tuesday at 4 p.m., all clubs must decide what to do with “tagging” possible unrestricted free agents.

And, they must decide whether they will exercise the “Franchise” tag (keep him for highest possible money for player) or a “Transition” tag where the player could get a deal from another team and their team could match or get compensated.

And, for the Jaguars, they have one such key decision looming with WR Allen Robinson.

Do they, as the Dolphins did with Jarvis Landry, place the Franchise Tag and guarantee Robinson $16 million for 2018? To us, this seems highly unlikely.

As we wrote previously, with Robinson coming off an ACL injury in week one last year, and the fact that there likely won’t be massive financial offers pouring into him makes that designation risky for the Jags.

If they are going to do something, it would likely be the Transition Tag that allows them to see what’s there in terms of offers. Again, is a team going to put $30, 40, 50 million guaranteed in front of Robinson? Not very likely, but that’s great unknown of this process.

Do coach Doug Marrone, offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, as well as QB Blake Bortles want Robinson back, healthy and a consistent target this upcoming season? Sure they do.

However, as is always the case, at what cost? And, who else is available through your roster (there’s some), Free Agency, and the NFL Draft to replace who you might lose?

UPDATE: No sooner did we publish the above, but the word got out quickly that the Jaguars informed Robinson Tuesday morning that they will not use either tag on him and if they cannot reach a new deal, he’s going to be an unrestricted free agent on Monday the 14th.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network got the tip to social media, first.

Can Robinson still get a lucrative long term agreement from the Jags with guaranteed money spread out before March 12th? Yes, this is what the team would likely want.

Will Robinson be inclined to hold off their offers and test the Free agent waters? Definitely possible, now.

We now know that they Jags are willing to take that risk.

Stay tuned for more.

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