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Should there be concern Jaguars Jalen Ramsey still isn’t in camp?

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All the right things are being said. However, today is the fifth day of Jaguars training camp (their fourth workout), and there is still no sign of star defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

And more troubling for Jags fans, every time he’s being asked, coach Doug Marrone is providing no real specifics on what’s going on with Ramsey. And most importantly, when will Ramsey will join his teammates for the important work?

Marrone met with the media Monday morning prior to the Jaguars latest practice:

“When he’s ready to come back,” was the answer the second year Jacksonville coach gave to the media when asked, if he had an update on Ramsey’s return after the birth of his daughter last week.

Marrone was then asked directly, if his family (girlfriend and/or baby) were doing alright, and he evasively and quickly dismissed it with,

“You’ll have to ask him. I’m not gonna talk about someone else’s personal…family situation.”

On follow up, Marrone was then asked, if he personally knew if there was a mitigating family reason that Ramsey hasn’t shown up, yet. And he repeated,

“I’m not gonna talk about anyone’s personal situation. I mean, when it comes down to things of that nature, it’s a different situation.”

So, now we at F.F.I., and anyone else monitoring this, get more curious.

First, there could be a situation with his girlfriend or the newborn that is medical and is serious. No one wants that, and football is secondary to that, if it’s what’s going on.

However, if it is what’s going on, at this point, Ramsey should say so himself or authorize Marrone or a team statement to say so.

After all Ramsey provided this Saturday update on mom/baby on Twitter:

The fans/media need to have a clearer and better explanation, as to why one of the players that the Jaguars are counting on heavily, who’s under contract, who’s contract cannot be re-negotiated under the CBA rules, yet, and yet, has not shown up for their first four practices, is not around.

Further, if Ramsey, who is frequently on social media, can tweet this Saturday afternoon in response to a tweet about NFL players not getting guaranteed contracts:

Or can tweet bible verses on Sunday for his followers on Twitter to contemplate:

Then, he or someone, can let us all know what is going on with the status of him reporting.

Further, when Ramsey was not present during off-season OTA’s, speculation in North Florida was that there is either some acrimony or financial motive that is really in play.

But, again, unlike Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell’s dispute with the team over not getting a long term deal and not showing up to their camp, Ramsey cannot receive any new money or new deal until after he plays this season.

Those are the rookie contract rules. And no amount of staying away from Jaguars practices changes that.

Maybe, there’s a really good explanation. Or maybe, it’s the early makings of a Jaguars mess.

A mess, where Jalen Ramsey is using the birth of his daughter to take more time off and not have to practice with his team.

All someone has to do is explain it.

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