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Record book shows just how bizarre Jaguars playoff win Sunday was

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The Jaguars deserve credit for surviving, and that’s the right word, with a 10-3 defensive battle to defeat the Bills in their AFC Wildcard game Sunday in Jacksonville.

And searching the record book for offensive stats and scoring futility in an NFL Playoff game, there is plenty that shows and says, this Jags win, was one for the ages.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Elias Sports Bureau, here goes:

– The 3-3 tie at the end of the first half Sunday was the first time since Super Bowl XXIII (49ers vs. Bengals, 1989) that a playoff game was tied at halftime at that score.

– We wrote Sunday about Jaguars QB Blake Bortles struggles throwing the ball for any yards Sunday. He ended with just 87 yards passing on 23 attempts, and became the first QB, since the late Steve McNair for the Titans against the….wait for it…. Buffalo Bills in the 1999 “Music City Miracle” game to have 20 or more pass attempts, not get to 100 yards passing and still win the game.

– A more amazing examination of Bortles sub-100 yard passing day, shows that he rushed for more yards-88, than he threw for-87 against Buffalo. Bortles becomes the first QB in 13 years of playoffs to do that and win:

You want more? Ok, we’ll keep going.

– The Jaguars and Bills combined for just 13 total points, and it was the first playoff game in 20 years (1997) where that happened. The Bill Cowher Steelers defeated the Bill Parcells Patriots, 7-6 that year.

– And one more for the “salt in the wounds” stat for the Bills: they only allowed 10 points Sunday and still lost a playoff game. That’s only happened eight times total in the last 47 years of NFL Playoff football. In fact, in the last 20 years it only happened one other time. That was two years ago when the Vikings lost 10-9 at home to the Seahawks.

So, what we just laid out shows just how anemic and unsuccessful the offenses were for the Jaguars and the Bills in Sunday’s game.

But, for Jacksonville, they will soon forget all that above.


Because the Steelers are coming quickly for next Sunday in the playoffs, and that score will start 0-0 in Pittsburgh.

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