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Jacksonville Jaguars

Numbers demonstrate just how much Jaguars have improved

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Another Sunday and yet another solid win for the Jaguars. This time they went to chilly Cleveland and smothered the admittedly hapless Browns 19-7, but still that’s what good teams do.

Let that sink in for a second. Jaguars and “good team” are now in the same sentence and it’s not referencing whom they are playing.

Let this sink in too: at 7-3, the Jacksonville Jaguars are in first place, by themselves, in the AFC South.

And here goes with more of the impressive facts and figures of this season’s turnaround.

The is the first time since 1999 the Jaguars are in first place through 10 games (that Coughlin-Brunell led team was 9-1 and led the AFC Central).

The win ensures the Jags will not have a 10 loss season. Significance? This is the first time since the 2009 season the Jags will finish with fewer than 10 losses. And, the way things are going, they have a chance at a 10 win season, which Jacksonville has not had since 2007.

That year they won 11 games, were an AFC Wildcard team and won a road playoff game at Pittsburgh.

That season is also the last time the Jaguars won at least four games in row, which they did Sunday by beating the Browns. They have a chance to match ’07 Jaguars by winning a fifth straight, when they play Arizona next Sunday.

In the win, the Jaguars recorded five more sacks giving them 40, which will likely still be leading the NFL when week 11 concludes.

The Jags defense also recorded four more turnovers Sunday and that brings their league tying total to 23 on the year.

Allowing only seven points Sunday in Cleveland, Jacksonville will remain the #1 defense in points allowed in the NFL, as they came in giving up only a stingy 14.9 per contest.

So, there is still a lot of football left to be played, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are now one of only five AFC teams (Patriots, Steelers, Titans and Chiefs) who have an above .500 record in the AFC.

It has been a remarkable first 10 games in North Florida.

Will it continue?

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