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New Jaguars TE Seferian-Jenkins- “That’s what I want in quarterback”

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The Jaguars started a new week at training camp on Monday and after their practice, there was an opportunity to hear from a new tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Seferian-Jenkins has been through trying times after being a second round pick by the Bucs, but then being released by Tampa Bay early in the 2016 season. More on that in a bit.

For now, the large tight end has a message for doubters on his new QB Blake Bortles: he’s a believer that Jacksonville will continue to win games with him.

Here were Seferian-Jenkins’ comments specifically on Bortles in this clip from Phillip Heilman of

“It takes time from year one, to year two, to year three, to year four. Now, you are in year five with a different offensive system and see the jump he made. People want to talk bad about ‘this and that,’ but last year was his best year.”

Seferain-Jenkins continued, “If you look at his stats, he did a lot better than 32 quarterbacks in the NFLl So, they can say whatever they want about it. Say negative things. Blake is going to keep going back there. He’s going to keep making throws. When he needs to run. He’s going to run. He’s going to do what it takes to win. That’s what you want in a quarterback.”

Strong endorsement from a guy who many had given up on after off the field antics and partying basically cost him his chance with the Bucs. Seferian-Jenkins resurrected his career in 2017 with the Jets, where he caught 50 balls for a 7.1 yard average and three TD’s last season.

ASJ jumped at the chance to come to a playoff situation from a year ago. And, he signed a two year $10 million dollar contract to come to Jacksonville that included a $4.5 million guaranteed for 2018.

And make no mistake, having been with Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay and Josh McCown in New York, Seferian-Jenkins knows how important Bortles’ role will be for the Jags this season.

And he didn’t hesitate to back him Monday.

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