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New Jags OC DeFilippo addressed Vikings ouster Thursday

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Thursday, prior to the Jaguars OTA workout, we got our first chance to hear from new Jaguars offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. And while most of the conversation centered around new QB Nick Foles and DeFilippo’s relationship with him in Philadelphia, the reason that made him available to Jacksonville, his firing by the Vikings mid-season a year ago, got brought up.

And while Defilippo did not want to dwell on criticism of his play calling, etc. last season in “The Great White North,” he wanted to make very clear what his play-calling philosophy is and will be with the Teal and White.

“Every play that I have ever called in my tenure as an offensive coordinator has been with what I think gives our team the best chance at success. It has nothing to do with stats. It has nothing to do with quarterback rating, what our running backs are doing, what our receivers are doing. Every play that I have called in my past, every play that I will call in my future, will be what I believe gives the Jacksonville Jaguars the best chance to win the football game.”

DeFilippo was hired as offensive coordinator in Minnesota for 2019, and then, was unceremoniously dumped late in the year by head coach Mike Zimmer.

Zimmer had hired DeFilippo after his work with Foles/Eagles staff and to have him mesh with newly acquired free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins. However, the offense sputtered and late in the year in two key losses to New England and on a Monday night to the Seahawks, where they scored a total of only 17 points.

Many believed that Zimmer was scape-goating DeFilippo to deflect rightful criticism at Cousins’ repeated poor play at times in year one.

Still, Minnesota ousting DeFilippo made him available to the Jaguars. And, it’s no secret, that coach Doug Marrone hired him, in part, to help lure Foles to North Florida after the two of them worked closely together two years ago,when the Eagles won it all.

For the Jaguars, after their dismal offensive showing, especially in the second half of last year, they need an overhaul in every aspect. And, that will include the tone and the calls of DeFilippo this fall.

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