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Momentum for Jaguars legend Boselli to get “Hall call” Saturday night?

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Is it his time? It appears that legendary Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli may be on the verge of pro football’s ultimate honor on Saturday. That’s when the annual pro football Hall of Fame voters congregate at the Super Bowl site to elect the class of 2019.

And it appears that the case were both silly has grown stronger over the course of the last couple of years particularly. More on that in a moment.

First, one of the men that will be in the room is former ESPN reporter and longtime Hall of Fame voter, John Clayton. He spoke with the Jags official website from Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta with the voting process approaching Saturday:

And, Clayton raises a very valid point that former Broncos running back Terrell Davis was elected to the Hall two years ago with a similar career path cut short by injury will also help Boselli’s case. Davis was a running back that made massive impact for a couple of seasons, where his Broncos teams won Super Bowls.

However, he didn’t have the longevity and “all time” career rushing numbers that his contemporaries like Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders and Marshall Faulk had, who also got in.

And as we wrote previously, there are compelling other cases and reasons, that should also help the 46 year-old Boselli in that room, when the debate begins Saturday morning.

First, he has strong credentials:

Bear in mind that Bosellli was the first ever Jacksonville draft pick, being taken #2 overall in the 1995 draft. And, from the very beginning, he became one of the cornerstone’s of the franchise. In addition to five straight Pro Bowls, he was given the prestigious All Pro selection (there’s only one of those each year) three times, as well. Boselli was such a dominant force that he was part of the NFL’s “All Decade Team” of the 90s playing only five seasons in the decade.

And for Hall of Fame voting purposes, contemporary of his the left tackle position, Orlando Pace, got into the Hall three years ago.

Pace was a former #1 overall pick by the Rams, and had a longer (13 years) career, but not that much more distinguished, individually. His seven Pro Bowls were more than Boselli’s, but he only equaled Boselli’s three All Pro selections.

Yes, Pace was part of 1999 Super Bowl win and had another appearance in 2001, but it’s not as if Boselli didn’t repeatedly play in and play well in several Jaguar playoff wins in his career. This would include the Jaguars appearance in the 1996 AFC Championship Game.

So, they are comparable. And Pace made it in the Hall in year number two.

Yes, there is an argument that Boselli only played in 107 games over 8 seasons due to chronic shoulder problems late in his career. But in putting in Davis, he played in only 78 games over 7 seasons due to bad knees. That’s about two seasons less of games played than Boselli played for the Jags.

So, you cannot use the “quality over longevity” argument for Davis, but still hold it against Boselli two years later.

Now we wait for the debate about Boselli vs. other lineman like Steve Hutchinson, and of course vs. other finalists, too.

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