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Mixed signals on Blake Bortles and Jaguars QB future

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A day after the report surfaced that Jaguars QB Blake Bortles had wrist surgery last Friday, there were definitely “mixed signals” being sent about his future and what the team will do upcoming in the NFL Draft, etc.

First, in the afternoon, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that despite the surgery, the Jags intend to have Bortles in their 2018 plans, at least to start the season:

The most important factor/deadline we wrote about yesterday is: because he’s now injured and had surgery, Bortles cannot be released without being able to pass a physical by the start of the league year on March 14th. This means, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, his $19 million owed is not only guaranteed to him on that date, but also most, if not all of it, would count on the 2018 salary cap.

So, in some ways, VP of Football Tom Coughlin, GM David Caldwell and owner Shad Khan have the decision already made for them. Bortles will now be around rehabbing and getting ready for camp, the pre season and the start of the year.

But, here was something very curious on Tuesday afternoon from the Jaguars own team Twitter account and website:

Yes, that would the team’s own media and social platform publicly touting a spectacular rookie QB to be brought in for next year.

Look, we understand why they put Lamar Jackson’s picture on the tweet and the story, it’s the same reason we did, above: you want people to click and read.

You did.

However, this is not the local media or a national outlet, who’s not only theorizing what the Jaguars might do with the 29th pick at the end of the first round of the draft, but typing the phrase “Could we see Lamar Jackson in Jacksonville?”

This is coming from inside their building, with people like the team senior website writer John Oehser, who have closer and more regular access to coaches and the front office.

In short, it carries more weight coming from them.

In fairness, Oehser is aggregating the thoughts of numerous draft analysts and their initial predictions on what the Jaguars might do. And, he lists them at the bottom of the article.

However, they chose Jackson’s picture to get attention, and they also used those words above about the team potentially bringing him in.

Look, it’s not a secret Jacksonville has to find a QB of the future. And, it honestly doesn’t look like Bortles, now off surgery, will ever be the long term guy.

But, the team publicizing drafting a QB in the first round in April only a week after the season ends?

Very much mixed signals. And, the clock has started on the 2018 “QB soap opera.”

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