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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars want to spice up coach search? Here’s a name…Rex Ryan

Florida Football Insiders



Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire

As they go through the motions for the final two weekends in Jacksonville to finish out yet another disappointing season, there is speculation about just who would even entertain coming into the 5-6 year “train wreck” that the Jags have been.

We at F.F.I. know there is the easy “Just re-hire Coughlin” narrative that has been out there the whole second half of the season. And obviously, he has a warm place in hardcore Jags fan’s heart for leading them to great success in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He also has two Lombardi trophies in the case from his Giants days.

But let’s get real, the Jags are two years away from being back into respectability, and that’s if, IF, they hire the right guy this time. Is that right guy a 70 year old militaristic “old school” type of coach? Or while trying to figure it out, would you rather have other more entertaining proven options.

Sure the Jags could go the “coordinator who’s never been a head coach” route, again. And, that didn’t work in the least with Gus Bradley.

Could they lure a big time college coach who’s previously been in the NFL to come clean it up? Not really. Harbaugh? Mora Jr.? Not happening. 

So, what about a name that would definitely raise eyebrows. A name who has been in the playoffs (including the AFC Championship Game twice in the last 10 years) with the Jets. A name that after being fired in the Big Apple has now turned the Bills into a respectable product. They were 8-8 a year ago and eliminated Ryan’s old Jets team from playoff hopes with a win in week 17 last year.

The name is…..Rex Ryan.

It looks as though the new owners in Buffalo want to rid themselves of Ryan and his theatrics off the field and hire their own guy. This would make him available, again and there would be other suitors.

But here’s where Jacksonville makes a lot of sense:

Ryan and his twin brother Rob are descendants of Buddy Ryan’s physical defenses of the 80’s and 90’s and he’s had repeated success with that as a coordinator and now head coach. And, there is no disputing that with guys like Dante Fowler, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, etc. there is a lot of young undeveloped talent ready to be coached up.

Bottom line, his Raven, Jet and now Bills D’s want to play for him. That’s a good thing.

Also, Jacksonville, like Buffalo, is small market with little in the way of confrontational media and Rex would be a media darling on arrival, anyway. Perfect for him.

There is also talent on offense, although the QB position has to be addressed and fixed. Obviously, his offensive coordinator hire would be key, as well, as bringing in a dynamic QB either from college or free agency/trade. (Romo anyone?)

Will the Bills pull the trigger? Would “Sexy Rexy” want the job in the first place?

No one knows for sure, but if he is interested, and you are Shad Khan, you would definitely be putting jalepenos on your vanilla ice cream with a “proven fixer upper in the short term,” Rex Ryan and energize the fan base.

You have to at least try.



  1. Andre

    December 21, 2016 at 9:48 am

    Sounds good to me

  2. Matt

    December 21, 2016 at 10:52 am

    I’m going to assume this article is a joke. I’m a Bills fan first, Jags fan second. I’ve watched every single regular season game Rex Ryan has coached for the Bills. He’s made them worse. They were the 4th ranked defense in 2014. This year, despite retaining almost all the same players and adding more talented players in the draft they are ranked 16th. They’ve allowed two hundred yard rushers twice this year. The man is a joke. If the Bills drop him and the Jags pick him, they’d be hiring a coach that has been fired TWICE in the past two years. He would install a completely different system then the Jags currently run (so the defense would go down hill for a year before leveling off in mediocrity), and he has no idea what’s going on the other side of the ball. He’s the worst guy in the NFL to trust to develop a quarterback.

    Rex goes to Jacksonville and I’m done with the Jags.

  3. Captain hindsight

    December 21, 2016 at 1:28 pm


  4. John Paul Ringo George

    December 22, 2016 at 3:15 am

    “It looks as though the new owners in Buffalo want to rid themselves of Ryan and his theatrics off the field and hire their own guy.”

    The new owners, the Pegulas, hired Rex – so he is ‘their own guy’

  5. Joe

    December 22, 2016 at 8:51 am

    Whom ever wrote this kill your got damn self.

    • Steve

      December 23, 2016 at 10:55 am

      I second Joe’e comment. But before yourself you should kill your mother as well for giving birth to such a retarded child

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars may have to go deeper into running back depth chart Sunday

Florida Football Insiders



Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

More concern for the Jaguars running back situation at the conclusion of Friday’s practice. This is because not only is Leonard Fournette still questionable to play with his injured hamstring, but now so too is his backup, T.J. Yeldon.

Both players were limited in practice on Friday for Sunday’s game with the Titans. Yeldon has a sprained ankle suffered during Sunday’s win over New England 31-20. He did carry the ball 10 times for 58 yards rushing last week, which was a solid performance.

Coach Doug Marrone was his usual non-forthcoming self post Friday practice, when it came to conversation about the injured backs. However, you can use previous precedence and injury designation to draw some conclusions.

For example, Fournette’s hamstring was bad enough that he never returned to the opening game with the Giants, and even though he and the Jaguars said the right things leading up to last week’s game, he was unable to practice fully, was listed as questionable, and they held him out of the Pats game.

And with the understanding that we are not in the Jacksonville training room and don’t know the full updates, the fact that now Fournette and Yeldon were unable to practice fully at all this week, has to be a concern for the Jaguars running attack.

If neither of those two are active or, let’s say they are active but not effective, the third string running back is fourth year veteran Corey Grant. The former undrafted player from Auburn has been active for 35 games in his career including all 16 a year ago and the first two in this season.

He has only one career start, but Grant against the Patriots last week had six catches for 56 yards and four carries for 13 yards. And he’s clearly who Marrone and offensive coordinator Nate Hackett will turn to to establish the ground game and the play-action for quarterback Blake Bortles.

Again, there’s always the possibility that they were just being precautionary with Yeldon’s ankle this week and that with 48 hours more rest and treatment, he will be ready to start.

But, let’s just say that if you have the former Bama tailback or Fournette, you might need to look at other options for your Fantasy Football lineup this week.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars QB Bortles doesn’t mind you coming over to his place

Florida Football Insiders



Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars are “riding high” early on in the season after an impressive win against New England. Everyone is obviously loose, because of the success in 2017, and now, back-to-back wins to start this year have given a sense of confidence to the young squad.

An embattled fifth year quarterback Blake Bortles is on a serious uptick in his own playing career. Off yet another surprising game Sunday, where he threw for 376 yards and four scores in the 31 – 20 victory, Bortles has plenty of reasons to smile.

And, unusually, he has plenty of reasons to welcome total strangers who come to his door

Yes. You read that correctly.

Bortles made mention earlier this week about fans and even teammates coming to his house, unannounced, to “say hello,” maybe catch up on some Netflix and of course, talk about the success of the Jaguars.

Okay, we made the Netflix part up.

Still, for an NFL quarterback to make mention that he’s welcoming people to come see him at his home to talk up the team he plays for is definitely unusual.

Bortles elaborated jokingly to the media Wednesday after the Jaguars practice in preparation for their first meeting this season with the Titans:

“It’s a football town that loves their Jaguars, especially when they are playing well. You know, I don’t have a problem having a conversation with somebody at the door.” When asked whether the fans relate to him, Bortles continued, “I feel as though I relate to the city of Jacksonville and the people who live here….I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. I feel comfortable here. I’ve made a lot of friends here. Made a lot of good relationships. Really enjoyed being here.”

It’s a very juicy twist to the Bortles soap opera from a year ago, when Jags fans were ready to not only come to his front door, but pack all of his belongings and put them on a moving truck to get him out of town.

Yet, Bortles played steady and at times great football in the 2017 season, including Jacksonville’s stunning AFC divisional playoff win at Pittsburgh last year. He also played well in the AFC Championship Game resulting in a narrow lost to New England.

So, it’s understandable that Bortles has got the Jaguars fans filling up on his bandwagon, yet again.

However, one thing is for sure, in the NFL everything is fleeting and directly related to what you’ve done, lately. And with the Titans having swept the Jaguars a year ago, Bortles and his teammates know they have to get that corrected starting with Sunday’s home game at TIAA Bank Field.

Otherwise, any strangers at the Bortles home, who are decked out in black and teal uninvited, may not be as friendly coming up the driveway next week.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Look who tops debut of our FFI “Power Rankings”

Jamil King



Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL and college football in full swing, we have had some surprises and shocks.
The whole state of Florida has gone unbeaten in the NFL.

UCF and USF look like they might be the best college teams in the state.

Blueblood FSU has landed flat on their faces, while Miami and Florida each suffered early season defeats.

A few weeks into the season, here are how things are shaping up with our “Power Rankings.”

5. Miami Hurricanes- The Canes came into the season with high expectations after having one of their best seasons in recent memory in 2017. The year didn’t start how they wanted it to with a severe loss to the LSU Tigers, who look like they might challenge the Tide for the SEC West crown. Miami bounced back with wins against Savanah State and Toledo. They will need QB Malik Rosier to improve if they want to win back to back Coastal titles.

4. Miami Dolphins- Surprise number one, so far, are the Dolphins. The Fins are 2-0 for the first time since 2013. The Dolphins have beat the Titans and Jets, so we can’t put them higher than fourth, but the start is impressive. Miami’s defense has been good, and contributions have come from all over, as we wrote Sunday. Ryan Tannehill has been doing a stable job at QB as well. The Dolphins get the 0-2 Raiders this week before two road games against Foe Tom Brady and the also surprising Bengals.

3. UCF Knights- The “National Champions” check in at the number three spot this week. The Knights have cruised to victory twice so far this season. QB Mckenzie Milton looked unstoppable against the UConn Huskies, but wasn’t at his best against South Carolina State. The Knights got unlucky with Hurricanes again this year and lost out on playing an ACC opponent (North Carolina) yet again. UCF will play FAU this week before finally getting to play a power five school in Pittsburgh at home.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Surprise again, with Tampa Bay at number two. Can you feel the “Fitzmagic?” The Bucs sure can, as the 14 year vet has shredded the Saints and Eagles. The Bucs are at 2-0 for the first time since 2010. Todd Monken has done wonders for the offense with the playcalling, as well. With a Monday night date with the Steelers can the Bus keep it going on National Television?

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jags claim the top spot this week coming in at 2-0 as well. The Jags are here partly to last season’s success, but not just that. The defense has done its job so far, but Blake Bortles was on fire vs. the Patriots. If Blake can continue to play the way he did against New England, then this team can become even more dangerous.

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